Outdoor Cooking

I have been using charcoal and gas grills for quite a few years and in fact grill even in our Minnesota winters.  Because of this I have learned a few things over the years but it was not until I read the article below that I realized that you can hook your outdoor grills right to natural gas.  If anyone is currently doing this, please comment so that I can get an understanding of an differences you have noticed in cooking versus propane.  I love the fact that it does not run out.  We have never been the, have an extra tank, handy family.  It never runs out between meals and even if it did, that would still have me running into town for a new tank.   Charcoal works great too assuming you have everything necessary to get that grill going.  It seems we always have only part of what is needed.  Either the grill and charcoal or maybe the grill is at the lake and all we have is the lighter fluid and charcoal, etc.  Nothing becomes more frustrating than when you don’t have what you need now.  I would love to hear your grilling successes and challenges.  Sometimes its the laughing later that offers the best ideas for future improvements.  Check out the following link for a great article on choosing your next outdoor appliance.



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