O Brien Event a Success!

The numbers are in.   1500 persons came through the park to celebrate the outdoors.  It was amazing just how many different events they had going on.  The kids especially loved fishing, checking out the snakes, and geocaching.  Look for this event again next year.  You can’t beat the price (park sticker for your car for the day).  I almost wish I had not agreed to volunteer all day as I would have loved to have seen the voyaguers canoes, tried some canoeing and the geocaching sounded really fun.

We were lucky to be under a grand maple tree that provided shade for us all day.  Next to us was the Washington County Sheriff with his boat and on the other side we had some fish in a huge tank so that kids could see what types of fish swim in Minnesota waters.  You could even grab a snowcone and make a smore!   We had a huge display of items that are made in part from trees.  It was surprising how interested kids and adults were once they started looking over the table full of items.  Check out the MN DNR website next year for dates and times of events.


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