Kitchen Outdated?

Are you tired of your outdated kitchen? Weather thinking about selling or deciding to hang around until the housing market turns around it may be a good time to think about updating the kitchen.  A few cosmetic changes can give it a new and fresh look.  Think about a coat of fresh paint and maybe adding a backsplash in tile.  These are projects that give a great new look and won’t strain the budget to much.

Think about changing out those outdated knobs and pulls for a new and dramatic look.  Make sure to stay in the median price range if you wish to remake some of the cost when selling.  A new light fixture can complete a kitchen and really make the whole kitchen look like a whole new place.

If your entire kitchen would look best in a large dumpster outside, look at replacing the cabinets first as this is the focal point of any kitchen.  Sometimes new cabinet fronts is all that is needed and it might be best to have an expert come in and give you some advice.  A general rule for remodeling is to stay in the midrange to get as much return on the remodel as possible when you sell.  If you plan to stay long term, put in what makes you happy!

Countertops leave us with many options from laminates to granite and other natural stones.  Make sure to ask how pricing is figured as many do not add for cutouts such as for the sink.  You might even enjoy some of the newest materials like the recycled concrete and glass countertops.  You can find these in some of the newer high end homes.

If you have decided that new countertops is the think this kitchen needed then you are sure to want to replace the sink at this time too.  I personally love the under mount sinks.  They offer clean lines, and make clean up a cinch as there are no rims to contend with.  You will not have to worry about re-caulking every six months or so either.  Most sinks are stainless steel or cast iron.  Choose a style that works best with your new kitchen look.  Lastly, you will want to consider a new faucet!  I personally love the higher arc models.  Some like the single spout and sprayer.  Whatever your style, price shopping for a faucet can be a good idea as prices vary greatly.

Weather staying or selling, an updated kitchen may be just what your home needs.  Stop into your local building center today to see about bringing your kitchen up to date.


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