How about a Tractor Caravan?

Are you looking for something fun to do this weekend?  I was reading our local paper and found this great activity.

You will need a tractor and some time.  The Almelund Threshing Company is hosting a fun 24 mile tractor ride that will take you into MN and WI.

I have attended many threshing shows over the years with my dad who remembers threshing in this way, (old fashioned by todays standards).  Anyway, part of the excitement of each show is checking out the tractors via the tractor parade.  This parade winds around the site and includes huge old steam tractors and even some garden tractors of a variety I could not begin to mention.   There is even that odd homemade type machine that while useful and or fun, you are not sure what to call it.

I was shocked to hear about an event that is in its  8th year! A tour by tractor!  I had never heard of it.  How can this be?

Anyway, its a 24 mile ride.  The caravan begins at Chateau St. Croix Winery and ends up at the Almelund Threshing Co. in North Branch, MN  They depart at 9 am with a variety of pitstops.  The plan is to arrive at approximately 2:30 PM at the Almelund Showgrounds.  You are even invited to leave your tractor there for the show!  Towing will be available should you need it as well as some mobile outhouses will be traveling along with the caravan.

The outhouses have me smiling as I can only picture a single unit hooked behind a tractor with the door wide open to those driving by.  And Yes, I see it as occupied.  It would be the old fashioned type with built of wood with the moon in the swinging door.  Where our minds take us.  Anyway, the paper says you can contact Bruce for more info at 715-825-4237.  I hope he finds it ok for me to share this fun event.  Perhaps someday I will have a John Deere again like the one I grew up with and I can partake in the festivities.  On our small farm we used mainly an old A John Deere but as I grew up we had a smaller B like the one pictured above.  I still love the old A and have to turn my head each time I hear the sound of an old John Deere motor just bumping along.   There is nothing quite like it.


3 thoughts on “How about a Tractor Caravan?

  1. very nice blog. thanks for everyone.

  2. Co sign. Nothing beats the sound of a John Deere

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