Volunteer Event!

It was a fun day of volunteering at the 2010 3M Championship Golf Tournament.  I volunteered with my youngest son as part of a Forest Lake Boys Swimming and Diving Event!  It was a warm day, but it was a great.

It was fun to see some of the boys  since Boys swimming is a winter sport.   It was also very nice to see some of the parentsl.  Many hotdogs, cheeseburgers and turkey wraps later we were off duty and on our way home.

I enjoy people watching and today was no exception.  There were parents there with children, friends attending with friends, couples of all ages and the occasional lone customer looking for a cool drink.  I  noticed  that everyone carried a smile on their faces and each child that I asked said that they were having fun!  How fun is that to see!

With the occasional cloud to offer a few moments of shade, it was a perfect day!  The supervisor for the day was a wonderful woman named Lynn who was filling in for a staff member who had taken ill.  Anyway, she touched my heart as her daughter is home from college and she was to work with her today but due to this other woman’s illness she decided to help us out.  At the end of our shift she reminded both my son and myself that these moments of spending time together will pass quickly and that soon we would not be able to see each other each day.  She speaks wisdom and I feel it already.

Take time for your family whenever you can!


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