Lighting to reduce energy

Image showing both a fluorescent and an incand...

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How many times as a child was I reminded to turn off lights and appliances as I left a room?  Well, lets just say it was alot!  I guess this was the beginnings of my thought process on reducing energy to better sustain our Earth.

There is much research that shares cost savings.   Since 5-10% of each electricity bill is from lighting costs, it makes sense to turn them off when not in use.

Using Florescent is another great way to reduce energy use.  While they cost a bit more at the beginning, they last 10-15 times longer than incandescent bulbs which pays for itself many times over.  I used to bothered by the color of the fluorescent lighting but they now sell them in soft yellow light.  I like these alot.  Another great reason for using fluorescent bulbs  is that they use a lot less energy for the same amount of light.

When making a few lighting choices that are as simple as changing out a light bulb or turning off unnecessary lights saves mother earth, I see it as a really easy way to make sure we have energy into the future.


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