Egress Windows – Not Just For Safety – Forest Lake Realtor Says

Concrete Egress Window Well

Image by actionhero via Flickr

So I sit here this afternoon looking out at the rain.  The rain reminds me that we have a tarp over a roof at the lake and much to do before winter sets in.  One of the things that will greatly improve the safety at the lake is an egress window so that we can put in a bedroom and family room downstairs.

When we first considered this window we looked to the building codes and were excited to find out that we can actually fit in an even larger window!  (note that the attached photo is a pretty standard version.  Ours is much wider!)

Safety was of course our very first concern, but now I look at all of the extra lighting that this window is providing and I am just so thrilled with our choice to add this bedroom.  We are fortunate enough to not have to have a window well, but for those of you who must,  first dig down to make space for the egress, parts of this are certainly easy enough for the do it yourself qualified individual.  My husband was good with a shovel but we did hire a cement guy to cut through the basement.  The window opening was again something he felt capable of doing and ordering the egress window was a piece of cake after talking with a building center about local codes.

As I near the end of this blog post, the rain is slowing a bit and the sky is looking lighter.  The egress window is ordered and the next step, that roof!


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