MN Fall Color Tour – One Real Estate Agent Wants to Hear Your Favorites

Dalles of the St. Croix River, from the Wiscon...

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I wanted to try something a little bit different today.  My name is Kim and I am a Real Estate Agent in the Lakes area.  (See my communities under cities in categories).   My family has always loved traveling by car, horse or bicycle to see the fall colors.  As a child I can recall many great vistas and I wondered if others had these same memories.   As a child we often traveled hwy 61 north to Duluth and further up to Two Harbors for some wonderful fall color and some great hiking!  As I grew I found the Brainerd Lakes Area although I cannot recall the route.  As an adult we spend much time at our lake home in Wisconsin and so we often travel down highway 8 through Taylors Falls.  I think this section of road is among my favorites on a sunny day in peak fall color.  It is just as brilliant on the way home looking down into Taylors falls, with old steepled churches breaking up the fall color and the St. Croix River breaking up the towns of St. Croix WI and Taylors Falls MN.  This is a journey that most of us can make and there is much to do as well.  You can even grab a canoe and see the colors from the water!  What are some of your favorite tours.  Day trips, overnights and even vacations are all great for sharing.  I hope you will take the time to share a fall color secret with me as I am getting excited to try a new tour this fall!.


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