Chisago City Real Estate Stats are in says Realtor – How to Price your Home


Image by roberthuffstutter via Flickr

According to the St. Paul Assoc. of Realtors.  The median sales price for a home in Chisago City MN was at 272.500 as of July 2009 and this year it was listed at 156,900.  This is a change in the area of 42.4%.  During this same period the average sales price was 291,417 and 174,800.  So this is a change of 40%.

As of July 2010 there have been a total of 115 homes listed and 38 closed sales.  This shows it is still a buyers market.  Average days for a home to be on the market is 171 days which is 41.1% less days than a year ago.  This tells me that homes are priced higher than the market and with only a few buyers looking for that new home, we need to be sure that they want to look at and buy your home!

With so many homes on the market, it will be critical to price the home at what it is likely to sell for.  Looking at the large percentages of change we also need to remember that this is a neighborhood that is right in the middle of lake country and so these numbers while accurate, may be deceiving as a lake home is valued much differently than a small home in town while the numbers are all compiled together.  I can help you to determine what price to market your home at by using research and sold properties in your area.

In a time when our homes are typically worth less than they were a few years ago, we must use data to support the best price to list our homes at.  If you are in the market to sell your home or buy one, please give me a call!  I would love to share some of my tips for getting the best dollar for your home in today’s market.  Call Kim at 651-214-1459.


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