Buying or Renting your next home? Forest Lake Real Estate Agent Can Help

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Beware of the Big Bad Wolf!

What does your next home look like?  For some who have been ran through the foreclosure process it might look like a rental home.   Look to your real estate professional to help you find that perfect location.  For a small fee, you can be assured that I will be looking for that perfect location!  I recently worked with a client who tried to find a rental home on their own.   Here is a bit of their horror story and why you need to work with an agent who can seek out a safe and concrete contract.

This family had been foreclosed upon and had to move out of their home.  On their own, they ended up moving out of their desired area due to cost and time frame.  They signed a short lease and then began looking for a place more in their area of choice and within their price range, again on their own.  They felt blessed when they found a beautiful home.   It was huge, had a great back yard and only needed some minor repairs which the husband was willing and capable of doing.

They signed a lease and moved right in.  The began fixing it up.   They were there less than a week when a friendly realtor knocked on their door and shared that they could not be here.  That the home is bank owned and that the person they signed a lease with, had no right to sign a contract with them.  They now had to move out quickly and with no place to go.  Not only that, but they had lost a huge deposit and rent money.  Just the idea of packing everything for a third time was about enough to put them over the edge.

They began the process of collecting this rent back.  I honestly do not know if they were ever able to get their money back, but the odds were certainly against them.  Luckily, this family called me and I began a search for a 3 bedroom home that would allow pets, they had 3.  These are challenges in the rental market, but ones we can overcome with persistent looking and quick response when a new rental came  on the market.

We were able to secure a 3 bedroom/2 bath home in the city of their choice.  They are close to the amenities that they were hoping for and were able to keep their pets.  If you are in the market for a rental home, let a trained professional help you in your search.  The cost of this service is minimal and certainly reduces the stress of working alone in a confusing rental world.

Give me a call today to find your next home!  Remember I can help you in buying or selling your home as well.  Trust me to find your next home.


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