Lendt’s Pumpkin Patch – Wyoming Family Outing

A pumpkin stem.

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Since my children were very young we have been visiting the Lendt’s pumpkin patch just east of Wyoming on County Road 22.  I remember when pumpkins were just $1.50 and while they cost a bit more now, this is still a great way to get outdoors and spend time looking for that special pumpkin.  The field’s are huge and offer so much orange that to the young eye, you don’t have to look far to find a keeper.  That said, it seems we always make our way to the far back corners of the large patch just to be certain that we haven’t left “the One”, sitting in the patch.

I have watched over the years as the pumpkin patch has evolved.  At first it was just pumpkins and then photo fun.  Hayrides were started and you can schedule field trips.  This year during our annual stop I noticed that they have much more to see.  More food, more fall items to bring home.  The atmosphere was abuzz with lots of families and smiling children!

The weather made this an especially great year as well.  No winter coats and mittens!  No frost laden pumpkins that later want to rot when the warmer weather returns.  My boys will soon be out of the house and I have to sit and wonder if this is the last annual visit to the pumpkin patch for us.

This year was on the request of the youngest so that we could make some pumpkin seeds.  We will soon be carving the pumpkins and collecting the seeds.  The candles will be fit into each pumpkin and the seeds will be put into a salt water bath and then roasted until golden brown.  I love the smell as the seeds roast.  That slight hint of pumpkin and the salty smell of the seeds roasting.

If you have small children you just have to stop by the Lendt’s family Pumpkin Patch to create your own family memories.  They will last you a lifetime!

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