Forest Lake Realtor Says There is Still Time to Get The Tax Credit


Time is slowly ticking away. Soon the $1500.00 tax credit will slip away.  As a family we have put in 2 new patio doors and 3 new windows.   The cold drafts will be gone and in its place we will hopefully see a lower heating and cooling bill.  The idea of getting a tax incentive is great too, but was not our lead in this project.  Instead it was in finding ways to lower our bills and in having a more economical home in general.

I was recently at a clients home and she was showing me her window sills.   She was concerned by the dark areas on the window sills lower edges.  This was clearly water damage and worse yet, most likely mold.  In other areas of the same window the polyurethane had dried out and left the wood looking worn and older than the age of the home.

Having allergies and understanding just how dangerous molds can be, I was alarmed at what I saw and more importantly I worried about their health.   She was worried about her home rotting away.  I reminded her that some of the local building supply stores had a variety of windows on sale and that there is also a tax credit that ends in December.
Who know, maybe she will get some new windows and have better health.  Maybe she will find the tax credit worth her while.  Maybe she will find her home heating bill reduced.  With money tight for everyone at the moment, perhaps putting in some windows is a great way to live healthy!  No matter what your reasoning is, I find it tough to see the negatives in taking advantage of the tax credit.  If you are planning on selling your home, this may be a great way to add value to your home before putting it on the market and you still get the tax credit!


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