Land of 10,000 Lakes – Could We Be Running Out of Water? Forest Lake Realtor is Interested in Minnesota’s Water’s

a celebrity [water] drop

Image by Sree_ via Flickr

Land of 10,000 lakes. Do we have reason to be concerned about having water in the future?  There are areas in the US that live in constant drought and yes, if we continue to waste water, then we will indeed run out someday.

In a recent Conservation Spotlight article I read that over 2 billion people worldwide currently have little or no access to drinking water.   At the same time more waters are being added to the “pollute” list.

For years our local communities have used sprinkling bans, but are there other things we can do to conserve whats left?  Do you turn off the water while you brush your teeth?  Do you only run full loads of laundry and dishes?  Have you switched over shower heads to low water usage varieties?  Toilets can be water hogs.  There are ways to reduce the amount per flush even more.  Ask me how.  When you water your lawn, are you careful to keep all water landing in the grassy area and not running off?  These simple things can save many gallons per year while only taking a moments thought.

With just a few simple changes we can indeed make sure that Minnesota has enough water to be sustainable.  Before closing, how many of you buy bottled water?  I have been guilty of this over the years, but am now using a reusable bottle whenever possible and when I must buy a bottle I always bring the empty home to recycle.


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