Perfect Snowmobiling In Your Own Backyard!

Snowmobiling Is a Popular Winter Pastime for Y...

Image by The U.S. National Archives via Flickr

Winter in Minnesota!  Outdoors here we come!

Minnesota has many winter benefits but one of my favorites is the snow covered land.   Snowmobiling has been a great family sport for us as well as something that we can all do to get outdoors in the winter.  I sent away just last week for some maps of the state trails systems in Minnesota.  I could not believe how quickly they came.  Today I was checking out the MN DNR website and found a great video as well that might be helpful if you are just starting out, or determining where to go in Minnesota for your next ride.  Living in Wyoming, we have been very fortunate to be able to get to some great trails right from our home.  We do not have to load the sleds onto a trailer and then drive for hours in a vehicle.  We do not need to stay overnight in a hotel or plan for meals on the road.  That said, sometimes these trips away from home make for an extra fun and exciting journey.

As a Realtor in the great state of Minnesota, when others ask why do I live here, I simply begin sharing some of the outdoor joys that I experience in each season.  If you are thinking about moving to Minnesota or perhaps just having a summer home here, please consider giving me a call.  I want to be YOUR Realtor!  Call me at 651-214-1459

Check out the following website for a great video from the MN DNR.


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