Frozen Pipes – Oh My!

A frozen water droplet.

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Winter can be full of surprises but with some planning, we are just fine.

Forest Lake Realtor – Kim Woehl with Keller Williams Premier Realty

Frozen pipes can be a huge and costly mess, but there are some simple tips to keep  your pipes safe.  When the temperatures dip low in the winter, it is a good idea to open your cabinet doors to get extra heat into the plumbing areas.   Make sure to turn off outdoor water sources and if possible wrap these to keep them a bit warmer and to keep cold from coming into the home.  If you must have low temperature and are worried about pipe freezing, then run a trickle drop of cold water to keep the pipes open.

If you come home and discover frozen pipes hopefully it will be soon enough to not have any burst pipes. Step one is to turn off your water at the main entrance.  This will keep further water from coming into the house and will keep water from damaging your home should you have a leak or burst pipe.   Next, open the tap just a bit too allow any melting water to be removed from the pipes.  Using a blow dryer apply heat along the pipe being careful to not stay in any one location too long.  This is a far safer method than using a torch or any open flame tool.

If you find the job too challenging call in a trained plumber before any further damage is done.  You may wonder how I got experieinced.  I grew up on a small hobby farm and had to water livestock all winter long.  In order to keep them watered we needed to have an outdoor supply of water.  Well, occasionally we did get frozen pipes or for sure a frozen spigot.  I learned pretty quickly how to keep it open and running because if I didn’t, the task became much more difficult!  For more info click on the link below.  By the way, if you like this post, please share it with others!  Thanks!




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