Kite Flying – Another Great MN Outdoor Activity

Two dual line stunt kites flying in a formation

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Lakes Area Realtor says kite flying is just one more outdoor sport that can happen at any time of the year!

Kim Woehl – Keller Williams Real Estate – 651-214-1459

I learned something new today.  Just a short 30 minute drive will allow you to spend time flying a kite with other kite savy fliers during the Lake Harriet Kite Festival.  They are in their 10th year and for some reason I am just now finding out about this fun winter activity.  Check out the photos in the attached  link.

Kite flying is something I have never been that good at.  When I try flying kites with the kids it should instead be called running!  I spend most of my time retrieving the kite and running about trying to get it air bound. I end of feeling silly and exhausted.   About the time I get one up and hand it to the little waiting hands, it comes quickly crashing to the ground.  When I have two kids who are patiently waiting for me to get their kite flying I just can’t seem to get it to all work out.

Are there tricks to this sport?  I have read up on wind and I am of course cautious of the safety concerns like trees, wires, power lines etc, but what is the science behind the flying.  I guess I had better plan to make it to next years festival so that I can learn from the experts!

Just one more fun Minnesota winter activity that you can do as a family.  Its no wonder we all like living here in Minnesota!


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