What is up with all this cleaning? Is Spring just around the corner?

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A Good Deed Done – or so says Kim Woehl a MN realtor with Keller Williams

So life has gotten busy for me and therefore I had not been back into blog.  I have to share that I have been in a cleaning mode.  I have cleaned up my computer, deep cleaned the wood floors and spent some time doing some spring cleaning in my bedroom (yes, I am aware that spring is not yet here, but that warm spell had me thinking about spring and hence it was time to clean.

I was especially lucky to get a call from one of those companies who swing by to pick up your items that are gently used.  I managed to get 2 full garbage size bags full of anything from discarded clothing to pieces of art I no longer loved.  I put them on my porch and they were picked up in only a few days.  I love that I did not have to store these items for a moment longer.  It was extra exciting as the husband came up and got involved for a few minutes by washing the window,  dusting the furniture and running the vacuum.

Today my task was to spend 15 minutes cleaning in my refrigerator.  Why is it that things always seem to get spilled and yet no one in my home seems to know how it happened and in fact will even swear that the item did not tip on their watch.  After scrubbing some sticky stuff (possibly fruit cocktail syrup).  I found the rest of the refrigerator in great condition – this time.

I closed the door and began the outdoor wipe down.  I got a great tip from a friend the other day.  You all know that greasy dust that we all seem to get in our kitchens?  This friend told me that she sticks saran type wrap on the top of her refrigerator.  Then when she wants to clean it up, she can simple pull it up and whisk it into the trash – job done.

I have not tried this yet, but what a great tip and it would sure make this task easier to handle.  She even commented how us both being short that we don’t notice when dust gathers on these tall surfaces, but if we are expecting company it is just so easy to get that clean kitchen.

Now to get that tall chair and give it a try.  What ideas do you have to share when it comes to quick cleaning?  Please share a tip.


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