Spring in MN? What does it mean to you?

a snow train blockade in Southern Minnesota, USA

Image via Wikipedia

I had dinner out with my husband last night and upon leaving the restaurant I was almost blown over by a huge gust of wind.    I walked away from the building only to be blasted by time sharp ice pellets.  The ground underfoot was slippery and I had a long drive home.  Yes it is spring in MN, but one can never fully expect what mother nature will share with us.

It was a slow drive home, and I was happy to crawl into a warm and cozy bed after my safe arrival into the garage.  As I waited for sleep to happen, I could not help but to listen to the gusting wind.    Those same icy pellets had started changing over to snow three quarters of the way home and because they were filled with so much moisture, the individual flakes gathered strength in numbers by holding tight to each other until they looked to be about the size of a half dollar.  They smashed uncontrollably onto my windshield where they grew even larger upon impact with the cold glass.  It looked like large cotton balls coming at me.  Now lying in bed, I was curious as to what morning would bring.  Would it be more of the same?  Would it turn to rain and glaze every surface?  Would it turn to snow and leave piles of the sparkly white stuff to move off the driveway in the morning.

Somewhere in my wondering I did nod off to sleep and I awoke in the night and noticed that the loud noise of the ice hitting the house had stilled.  I could still hear the wind however and I wondered if it had indeed switched over to snow.  I remained cozy in my cocoon bed until morning, and crept down the stairs to find piles of snow drifted no less to be moved from the driveway.

I spent the next hour removing the heaviest snow I have ever moved.  Even with the snowblower, it was work and by the time I returned to the warm comfort of home, My hat, mittens and jacket were soaked by the still falling snow.  Me?  I was exhausted and yet exhilarated by the hard work and sight of a job well done.

Now hours later, the wind is still blowing and forming drifts .  The snow has stopped finally but it leaves me wondering where did spring go?  I guess the switching seasons is what makes Minnesota so special, but sometimes mother nature likes to send us an additional drift or two before allowing the suns warm rays to warm the earth and truly welcome spring.

photo is from wikipedia and shows a train stuck in a drift in 1880.  This was in southern Minnesota (now that’s snow)!


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