Spring Cleaning – Around the House!

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The long Minnesota winter is finally over and the calendar says that it’s spring.  Days are getting longer and we have already endured daylight saving time shifts.  Now as the warmer weather approaches, many of us are wondering what we can do to clean up our homes and get them back into shape.

– take some time to remove dead leaves from in and around landscaped areas.  This is especially good to do early before new growth comes up.  Tools can damage the brand new growth leaving us with a season of not so pretty leaves.

– Wash those windows inside and out and give the screens a quick soapy bath before replacing them in the windows.

– Take a look at curtains and drapes, vacuum or wash any that are not looking fresh.

– Dig out the outdoor furniture, soap and clean each piece.  Inspect each for any damage and buy new cushions if the old ones are looking past their use.

– Spring is the perfect time to update your landscaping, bring in some colorful annuals and mulch the gardens for the summer.

– Take a trip to the heater and vacuum out any dust, replace filters, wash humidifiers etc.  This will keep your system clean and ready for fall.

– Drain your water heater.  It is amazing how much sediment can build up.  Good maintenance should extend the use of your water heater.

– Gather the family and clean the garage!  Toss and or donate any items no longer being used.

– With this fresh clean garage – consider having a garage sale to further reduce what you don’t need.  Any remaining items should be donated to the many local groups, many of which will pick up your items curbside.

– Wardrobe Check – have each member of your family go through their clothing.  Discard anything not worn in the last season, anything to small and any items you don’t remember wearing.

– Move from room to room, moving furniture and vacuuming underneath each item.

– Walk around the exterior of your house and make a list of any repair or maintenance that needs to be done.  Make sure to create an action plan to get these tasks taken care of.

– Paint trim – Spring is the perfect time to freshen the trim on your home.  Any sunny day with nighttime temperatures staying about 50 will work.

– Plan a spring clean weekend.  Have each family member work around the house dusting, vacuuming, and generally decluttering.

Soon we will be able to open the windows and let in some fresh air, while we are waiting, get going on some of these tasks so that when that first warm day arrives you will be able to head out and spend time with your family in the great outdoors!  Get going!


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