Martha Stewart I am Not!

Lummis House Windows 1

Image by ken mccown via Flickr

Now Martha has some great tips on everything from cooking, cleaning,  to making fancy little centerpieces, so I was hoping she might be able to help me out when it came to washing the many windows in our home.

Over the years I have tried a variety of things that I have heard were just the thing for sparkly, streak free windows and yet by some apparent lack of skill, I am left with streaked windows even after lots of elbow grease.

Cleaners, a variety of wipes, a squeegy, waiting for the shade, or working in the early morning.  No luck!

I googled up Martha today to see what tricks she might have for me and you know what?  I found a few things that I did not know, for instance…

Did you know you should wet your sqeegy first?  Apparently, a dry blade will skip giving you unsightly streaks.   who knew!  I am going to try that!

She also reminded me I should be using a soft bristled brush to clear away cob webs and dirt and dust.  She reminded me to check the hinges!  Hinges!  I have not done this!

Now here is where I felt all smart.  The mixing of the solution was correct at 1 part vinegar to one part water.  I am not sure mine was hot, but it was water.  She also reminded us to use a towel that has not been in fabric softener.  I know this as I have already made that critical mistake.

Bottom line, try hotter water and a damp squeegy.  Maybe, just maybe I will get the window clean on both sides!  Wish me luck, please.


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