Green Thumb Gardening!

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So I learned today about dampening off.  This is a term that many of you seed starters might be accustomed too.  Years ago I tried planting and tending my own seedlings until it was warm enough to plant these little plants into the vast garden space.

I struggled with getting them enough light.  I struggled with the watering and t he rotation of plants.  It was messy and I was frustrated.  On top of this, I found that just days before moving them outdoors, that I lost a few and never new why.  That is until today!

Dampening off apparently chokes our plants out.  Its the fungus that is in the soils that can take our seedlings down in short order.  There are a few other reasons such as too much moisture or soil that is too dry.  These made perfect sense and quite honestly could have been the culprit too.

My new blogger friend shared that we can heat up our soil in the oven to kill these bacteria.  It sounds like a fantastic idea even when they mentioned that it can be rather stinky.  I wondered why we might not use our outdoor grill to do the same thing and not stink up the indoors?

As I anxiously await gardening season, I hoped that you, like me might be interested in this thought that it’s the fungus among us that is choking our tiny plants and causing us to start over or do as I usually do and just buy the plants at the garden center.


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