Updating a Room on a Budget – Simple ideas that can pay off

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Many of us are feeling the tightening of the economy and yet we would like to update our current living space.   Instead of spending the big dollar, consider shopping the clearance area only.  Look to items that don’t match, but that have similar lines or colors.  Find a eye drawing item and then find items to match its color schemes.  Many of us shy from painting, but a fresh coat of paint is a simple thing that we can do to update a look and feel of a room for very low cost.

We are just entering garage sale season and this too is a great place to look for those items to complete a room.  Thrift stores, church sales, flea markets and the ever more popular Craig’s list are a few other options that we don’t always think about.

Make it a challenge to see what you can find to update your space and then instead of storing the items you are taking down, consider donating them to one of the many services who will even swing by your home to pick items up.  I have used Courage Center, Vietnam Veterans, and Friendship Ventures.  They will even call with reminder calls so you know to put items curbside!

I make it a challenge when they call to make sure I have at least a bag or two to donate and in between calls, I am always adding items we no longer need but are in like new shape so that I am ready for the next call.

Not only will you have a new place to relax or entertain, but you will have less stuff to move around and clean up after.


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