Dust Busting Basics, anyone can do!

Aha! The new light bulb moment

Image by cheerfulmonk via Flickr

Sometimes its those little things that really make the difference.  We can all wipe down the walls and take a vacuum to the corners.  What I am talking about is those areas that we don’t think about as often.  When was the last time you cleaned the vents and registers?  Taking a vacuum to these areas is quick and can keep your family healthier too!  Dirt and dust can quickly harbor other allergens.  Don’t forget the cold air returns as these such in the dust too!

Take a moment to polish those knobs and handles.  It is amazing the amount of dirt that can build up on these and a quick wipe down will leave them sparkling and bright and doesn’t take a lot of time.

Look up and turn on those overhead lights.  These too collect dust and the occasional insect.  Take these down and wash them in warm soapy water.  Dust off those light bulbs too.  This might even be a great time to change out these older incandescent bulbs for lower wattage fluorescent type models.  Save those still working incandescent bulbs for table lamps as these burn out so you don’t notice a difference in lighting color.

Next go from room to room wiping down doors and trim.  I always seem to find a ribbon of dust at the top of my door frames.  Another area that I fail to clean often enough is the top of window hardware.  The patio door hardware is especially forgotten and harbors lots of dust with each cleaning.

As you go from room to room wipe down those switch plate covers and replace those that are cracked or do not come clean.  These are really low cost and believe it or not, we notice when they are bright and clean.

Lastly take a moment to replace weather stripping that is past its prime as this will save you come next winter by keeping out cold drafts.  Replace or wrap stove top drip pans in aluminum and next time you buy a replacement stove, consider buying an extra set of drip pans with your new stove so you always have a clean set on the stove as you wash the other set.

With these tips you will have a sparkling, brighter, and cleaner home this spring.  You might even find your healthier in the process.


2 thoughts on “Dust Busting Basics, anyone can do!

  1. Rob Kohs says:

    These are some great tips. Maybe you could come over to my house and use them to clean my house some time!

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