Mortgage Rates Falling – Grab a Home and Hide Under the Safety of its Roof

My Mortgage Docs to be Reviewed by an Expert

It may be the perfect time to secure that new home.  Rates are again rolling downward according to Kelly Sorenson with Bell Mortgage.   For the second week in a row the Primary Mortgage Market Survey showed results are lower due to continued signs of a week economy.

30 year fixed – 4.78% with an average of .7 points

15 year fixed – 3.97% with an average of .7 points

5 year treasury – indexed hybrid (arm) 3.51% with an average 0.6 points

With rates that continue to hover at record lows, this is the perfect time to pursue your dream of owning a home.   I can help you to find a mortgage specialist and get you a pre – approval letter which comes in very handy when you find that home that you really wish to purchase.

Getting a pre- approval letter can be the deciding factor when a homeowner has several offers on the table.  They would rather not deal with contingencies such as if you really can qualify for a loan or if you can sell your current home.  Therefore it is in your best interest to have this letter in hand when you begin home hunting.

Make sure to give me a call if you need help in finding a mortgage specialist who can best meet your needs.  There are many programs out there and in many cases there is one to fit your specific needs.


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