Minnesota Fishing Opener – Things to think about

This large walleye on the shores of Mille Lacs...

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Are you packing, planning and preparing for the big Minnesota fishing opener? This event for many Minnesotans is larger than some of our national holidays.Free market analysis  Much time and preparation goes into these events, and oh, the money!

Now being a true Minnesotan through and through I have a few rules of my own.  I thought I would list them below as they are different from many of our hardcore fishermen and women.

1.  Give the fish a chance by not using all of the fancy depth and fish finders.  The true sport is in catching the big one by luck alone

2.  If you can’t wear shorts and need sunscreen – wait for another day

3.  Plan for slow fishing by bringing a good book

4.  Don’t spend more on equipment than you would pay for a great walleye dinner at a nice restaurant.  All you really need is a string and hook.

5.  Disregard part of 4.  I have a fishing rod and reel, it just isn’t one of those gold plated, sure to catch a fish even without a hook in the water type ones.

6.  Don’t get caught in the marketing of the event.  What I mean is choose a live bait worms or minnows.  The whole tackle box full of stuff that is seldom even put on the end of a string is a tool of show.  A collection of sorts to display to those in your boat.   (ok you need a few items, but most can fit in a very small jewelry type box).  A bobber or weights, maybe a lindy but really not much.

7.  What’s up with this business of being on the lake at midnight stuff?  Wait until morning and many of the nuts are off the lake and then leisurely take your time getting out there.

8.  Pack snacks – lots of snacks

9.  Give up early on the walleyes so you can switch to pan fish and actually come home with some fish you can eat.

10.  Remember smaller fish are safer to eat, so assuming the rule lets you keep that smaller fish, take them home and enjoy a great meal.

11.  Since I am a warm weather fisher person, its ok to being your first limit over to my house.  I would love a good home cooked meal of fresh fish.

Good luck to all of my fisher people!  No matter if you find this post annoying or funny!


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