Aw Dry up! Tips for drying that basement out for good!

A Daylight Basement.

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Do you ever get a damp basement?  Worse yet do you feel like you have a lake in your basement?   As a homeowner there are a few things you can do to make sure that water doesn’t seep into your basement.  Water in your basement can ruin things and also cause severe health issues.

If you don’t have gutters going around your home, add some.  If you have gutters how often do you clean these out?  Cleaning the gutters out at least 2x per year is a good idea.  If you have treed lot, you may even need to do this more often or consider some of the gutter barriers so that they don’t become clogged.  While you are up there cleaning out your gutters take an extra minute or two to make sure that all seams are still sealed and that water is actually travelling down the down spout.

Make sure to extend your downspouts away from your home so that it flows away and not back toward your home.  If you are on a hill, consider burying part of your downspout so that you can have the exiting water out farther from your home.  Mowing will need to be considered here, and possibly a filtering system so that the soil will not erode at the exit area.

If you have gutters that are working and are still seeing a damp basement, then next thing to take a look at is the slope of your yard.  Are you on a hill or are you in a valley?  Can water potentially flow back toward your house?  If it does, bring in fill until you can slope all water away from the home.  When you do this, you will find that surface water now flows away from your home, leaving your basement dry.

Gutter, proper slope of the land, next comes the dehumidifier.  Gone are the days of the little plug in units.  Today’s dehumifier’s are attached to your heating and cooling system and have draining systems instead of the holding pans which can overflow or automatically turn off your dehumidifier.  Wrap your exposed pipes in the basement to eliminate any other condensation moisture.  It has also been recommended to me to keep all windows closed in your basement.  The cool walls tend to collect condensation when we open windows thereby actually adding to the problems.

If after following these tips you are still having problems with a damp basement, its time to call in a specialist.


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