No Place for Discrimination in Housing Market


Image by Rak's passion boy (楽の情熱ボーイ) via Flickr



The following article caused me to take a moment to share my thoughts on discrimination  (scroll to bottom for the link).  As a Realtor I am required by  law to follow certain rules.  One such rule is that I will not discriminate, steer or block bust.  This means I cannot include only a certain type of person or exclude another.  I can not intentionally only show homes in a certain neighborhood nor comment on who might live in an area.  For years I have worked with many different cultures and I have learned so much in the process about others and would welcome any and all persons into my life.  I hope that this story is something that we see less and less of because as American‘s we truly are the melting pot and as such we need to work together, live together and play together.




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