Building or Buying – When it comes to home shopping you have some options

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Old or New?

Having built several homes and done a fair share of larger remodels I can share some things from experience.  First of all, hire a buyer’s agent to help you in the process, before you even visit a new model home.  If you visit the model first, you sometimes can lose your right to even have an experienced agent to help you in the process.

One of the biggest cost in building a new home is the cost of the “extra’s”.  Let your buyer’s agent help you in securing the “extra’s so that they are included in the initial cost instead of being added as single or ala carte items which can get very expensive.

Hiring a buyers agent can also ensure that you are getting what you paid for.  For example you might visit a model home and love it only to find out that this model is all decked out with all of the bells and whistles and upon further discussion you find out that the cost to buy this model or have one made is significantly higher than the price tag you might pay to build another home just like this one.  It isn’t until you sit down to really look things over that you find that the base home might include carpet at 10.00 a square but that when you go out shopping you find that carpet of a similar nature to the model is in the $35-40.00 range per square.  This is a significant price adjustment and this is just one item.  Lighting, flooring, building materials, etc can all add up and price you right out of getting your new home.

Some builders will offer a discount for work you do yourself, and again you have to be careful that this is a good decision and that you are capable of doing the work at the same level or better than.  Remember that you will have time lines to adhere to which might be challenging if your working or cannot visit the site on a daily basis.

If you think building a new home is for you, and you want to live in the the beautiful lakes area of Minnesota, please give me a call and I can show you what is available in the area and work for you to get what you want.

Kim Woehl – Keller Williams Premier Realty



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