Road Construction Got you Down? – Forest Lake’s Broadway Avenue – Making Progress!

I Took this photo about a month ago to mark a moment in Forest Lake history.  We all get upset over change and yet the result once finished is often times well worth the wait.  I drove to the cities last week to see that we indeed have huge girders going over the space that used to be the Broadway bridge.  I can see the progress and this gets me excited to know that someday I will be able to easily cross over that space and shop at the stores on the other side.

Business owners on both sides of the bridge and in the construction area of Broadway Avenue can really use our support, so make sure you are still shopping these stores.  Taking a drive down Broadway will let you can see just how far things have come since I last posted this photo!

What is your favorite store to shop along the Broadway corridor and what brings you back?,-92.997603&spn=0.017092,0.042272&t=h&z=15&vpsrc=0&lci=com.panoramio.all


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