Blandings Turtle – Right Here

Blanding's Turtle (Emydoidea blandingii), St. ...

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So I just came across a story about a baby Blanding’s Turtle being found in southern Minnesota.  I live on the Sunrise River in Wyoming, MN and have these endangered Blandings turtles living in the area.  If you should come across one, remember not to bother these gentle critters.  In the spring to early summer we often see turtles crossing the road in search of that perfect spot to lay their eggs.

During this time they are on a mission.  If they are headed in one direction, they will continue in that direction, even if we try to take them to safety.

If you must move a turtle so that they are not run over, please move them to the side of the road in the direction they were traveling.

I said we have many turtles crossing the road.  Most are snapping turtles, these, well let’s just say they are not so cute and adorable and have jaw strength that will cause severe damage to your body.  Leave these alone!  Seriously!

Educate your neighbors, children and community about the Blandings turtle and remember, if you can slow down and just let them pass over the road on their own, this is the best for all involved.

I like seeing the nature that lives in my area and I would be very sad to see us lose the Blanding’s turtle, so watch for them, slow down and let’s hope that we can be in the next story with babies of our own.


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