New Brown Creek State Trail – New Hiking Option

Occupying the old MN Zephyr track bed outdoor enthusiasts will soon be able to hike, bike, ride horse, walk, or roller blade down a new state trail system.  While I will miss seeing the train sitting in its Stillwater depot, the thought of having a new local and very beautiful section of trail to explore has me excited.  Since I was a young child, I have enjoyed the drive down hwy 95 from a car window.  The thought of slowing down enough to look at individual leaves, trees, nature, and the vistas as we reach each new hill top are yet a dream but will hopefully become reality very soon.

Tracks will be removed yet this fall with 2 miles being paved in 2012.  A new bridge is also in the planning sections to get us across Manning Trail.  The remainder of this project will be funded as dollars become available.

While one more train is removed from Minnesota and will likely be gone to us forever,  I am excited and wait in anticipation to explore the outdoors in yet another way.  For those of you missing your train fix, head to Duluth or Osceola WI where you can still hop a train with the family for a great train ride experience.

This MN Realtor is impatiently waiting.  If your looking for more great weekend ideas give Kim Woehl at Midwestliving – Keller Williams Premier Realty a call.  651-214-1459

What is something that you hate to see go, but have been excited about the change that was coming?


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