Car MD – Have you checked this out?

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As a BzzAgent I received this tool at a greatly discounted rate.  The idea was to blog about my thoughts on this tool once I was able to use it.  Sadly, I missed one very important component.  I needed a vehicle that was broken in some way.  I thought I would not be able to make it in on time with any bzz or reporting of any kind but just last week I spoke with a girlfriend who had to have her car towed to a shop and then missed her vehicle for several days as they worked to get it back up and running.

$300.00 later she learned it was a sensor of some type and I had to share some bzz about CarMD.  I wondered what might have happened if  we had plugged in the Car MD to her vehicle to see what was wrong?  Would it have been a lower cost?  Might it have been a quicker turn around at the shop?  Was the mechanic honest with her?

The fact is we don’t know, but it sure was fun bzzing about Car MD and I can assure you that the next time her car acts up, she will be giving me a call first to see what might be going on and what it will likely cost to repair it.

As a single mom, money is tight for her and she could really have benefited from knowing the likely cause and cost up front.

Another Facebook friend said that she uses Car MD and that she loves it!  She said that it has saved her some money and time in being able to just plug it in and know what is wrong with the car.  I have a vehicle that has on star in it and so I did not know if I would need Car MD, but it looks like it will come in handy just the same.  I am adding Car MD to my husband’s tool box so that we can use it again and again when something is wrong with our vehicles.

Have you tried Car MD?  If so, I would love to hear a story!  Please share!


One thought on “Car MD – Have you checked this out?

  1. Hey thank you for sharing. I am also a BzzAgent. I am in the same boat hunting for a car with problems. I posted my initial write up at

    One thing I have heard from some research is that it is a bit in information if you have a brand new(er) car. A person who was having issues with their 2010 vehicle said info was not available that they knew was per a previous diagnostic. So essentially it seems their is not exactly what the dealerships/repair places poll from.

    Anyways that link is my “pre-review”. Will have the complete one up here shortly.

    Thanks for sharing.

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