About.me – Have you checked this out?

It’s been just about a year since I decided to sign up for a campaign using about.me.  I had not heard of this before but it sounded interesting and since I get to give my honest opinion I accepted this mission.  When I say mission I feel like I have to explain a bit about Bzzagent and that they are a great company that fits people like me with products looking to test their product on a certain criteria.  Anyway I fit and I signed up and here is the rest of the story.

As a Bzz agent I often get free product to sample and test but with about.me its free already!  You really should check it out.  You go to their site, sign up for about.me.  Its super fast and simple.  Next fill in social media that you wish others to know you are active with.  I selected Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Facebook, plus both of my websites.   I added a photo of me plus a background photo.  You can use your own or choose one of theirs.  I was amazed at how simple this was and I am often challenged when it comes to linking things to anything.

Once completed you can add this to the bottom of your emails.  In the last year about.me collects data and shares it back with me.  People have checked me out 244 times.  They have clicked 18 times to check out my other media, linked me to other emails 66 times and spent an average of 4.01 minutes on the page.  That is great info about who is checking me out.  It also gives them contact information, and spelling of my name.

As a Realtor and instructor I need to make sure people can find me and about.me is a great way to put this information into people’s hands.  I have had people ask me about, about.me.  I have had people wonder what its all about and of course I have shared!

Do I like about.me?  Most definitely and I can see this growing over the next year as more people find out about about.me.  To see a sample please check out my about.me at:  http://about.me/kmwoehl

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One thought on “About.me – Have you checked this out?

  1. I love About.me. It is such an easy way to set up a very attractive, succinct bio that can be used as part of one’s e-mail signature as well as in many other situations. And best of all, moo.com has a free offer of 50 business cards to go with you About.me account. There is a small charge for shipping. The whole package is VERY well worth it.

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