Pruning Fruit Trees

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Fruit trees need pruning to maintain shape, remove dead branches, remove diseased branches, and to rejuvenate older trees so that they can again begin producing more fruit.

Timing of pruning is important and more gardeners will tell you to prune while the tree is still dormant.  This allows you to better see the branches since you are not contending with leaves.  I am told the limbs are lighter in the winter as well although I haven’t noticed.  There is one other time you can prune and that it right after they are fully leaved out.    This allows the wounds to heal before those spring diseases try to get into your tree.

Winter is also a good time of year to trim most other types of trees as well and in many cases reduces disease.  Some of you gardeners who have been maintaining yards for years may not know this, but we no longer paint over the wound.  The tree will do this naturally on its own and this is said to be healthier for the tree.

I will be looking for apples come fall!  How about you?  What types of fruit trees do you have in your yard?  Is there another type of fruit that you wish you had growing in your yard?  Please share

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