Let Paint Change your Style and Mood

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Ah – What color can do!

Tired of looking at the same wall?  Is your room not giving you that happy to be in feel anymore?  Maybe its time to head to your favorite paint store to grab a new color.  Paint is one of the most cost effective ways to change up your room.  As a Realtor I show homes all of the time where a potential buyer walks into a room and just can’t get over the color of the room.  In fact, it is such a turn off that they talk about it for days and share their experience with others in conversation.  When they talk about that particular house it isn’t about the house on Green street, but rather they call it the purple house (meaning the one with the vibrant purple bedroom that glowed you you stepped in).  Do you suppose they pick this home to purchase or do they look at the next one?  When paint can make this much of a difference, it makes sense to notice how you feel while in these spaces.

Are you one of those persons who struggles in choosing the proper color?  As a visual person I too sometimes have a hard time picturing a whole room of that color.  I have learned that I start with a favorite piece from that room.  If I am painting a bedroom I might look at the colors in my favorite comforter and choose a color in that same family to paint the walls.  There are lots of sites online where you can grab suggestions as well.  Here are a few of them.

Take a moment to walk around your home today and see how you feel as you enter each room.  If it doesn’t make you feel happy, relaxed, etc but rather stressed, upset, etc.  Then perhaps now is the time to spend a little on paint and put a smile on your face.


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