Selling? How to Create that Welcoming Feel

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It’s about the details!

I walk into homes all of the time with clients and I cannot tell you what a difference it makes when a home is staged to sell.  Potential buyers want to think of themselves living in this home.  They need to get that feeling that your home is their new home.  When buyers feel welcome and comfortable in your home they are much more apt to pick your home over the cold, cluttered or even empty home down the street.  How will you create that welcome feel?  Let me share a few tips.

1.  Clean up that clutter.  This means piles of mail or other paper, anything not necessary while you sell your home should be removed if possible to create an illusion of plenty of space.  Be selective in what items are out, put away personal items like family photos and instead opt for items that will again create that welcoming feel so that potential buyers can see themselves living here.

2.  Consider baking or having a snack available for showings.  Something that smells wonderful can’t hurt.  🙂  Cookies or a couple of bars with a note that this is for the tour is a wonderful gesture.

3.  Have you cleaned those carpets lately?  Homes often times have smells that are not considered fresh.  How about that basement?  Does is smell musty, closed up?  Get some windows open, do a bit of cleaning and step through the front door a few times.  If you smell anything so will potential buyers.

4.  Paint – Neutral colors are best as it allows others to see a blank slate.  A fresh coat of paint is an economical way to clean the place and create a fresh feel.  While you may love those tangarine walls, others will find it hideous.   I know, tough to believe but many a buyer has elected to buy the home down the street with fresh paint and neutral colors.

One last recommendation, invite a few friends over and ask what they recommend you change up to make the home more inviting.  ask for honestly, and don’t be offended if they tell you the truth.  Ask them for a list of 3 things each and I bet you will find similarities.  Make these changes if you can as these are buyers perspectives and are valuable!

Looking to buy or sell give me a call!

Kim Woehl – Keller Williams Premier Realty





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