That Stinks! Marketing with Fragrance – Home Selling

29108_basic_apple_pie_620As a real estate professional I hear it often.  What is that smell?  There are of course good smells and bad smells and sometimes this is up to your own personal preference.  No one wants to smell garbage, dirty laundry, pet odors, urine, mold or mildew or that wet stagnant smell.  Potential buyers need to feel comfortable and be able to think about how they might arrange their furniture or hang photos.  They do not need to be wondering how they can remove the “stink”.

We need to be careful to not mask these smells but rather eliminate them.  Once eliminated then you might find it appealing to add a bit of “good smell” to your home.  Research says that certain smells attach to our emotional self.  smells or fragrances from our past that were pleasant experiences bring back positive memories.

Have you been to the local mall lately?  Stores are using fragrances to get you to take out your card.  Its working.  Does this marketing work for home selling?  Research says yes!

My personal favorite is apple cinnamon.  It reminds me of my Grandma’s pies, piping hot coming out of the oven.  I especially love this around the holidays.  Lavender is another common fragrance that is said to be calming.  Do you want your potential buyers to feel relaxed as they tour your home?  The rage this time of year is pumpkin.  We find it in everything from candles to coffee, ice cream to snack cakes.

Now that we have covered “what stinks”, we also need to listen to this huge bit of advice.  Invite in a few friends that can be honest with you.  Ask them if they smell any smells in your home.  We grow accustomed to our own environment and often times can no longer recognize or notice an odor, but your friends will.

Kim Woehl is a real estate professional with Keller Williams Premier Realty.  Before you list your home with someone else, consider giving me a call.  It might make scents!  651-214-1459


Thinking Spring!

Kim Woehl is an agent with Keller Williams Premier Realty 651-214-1459

Kim Woehl is an agent with Keller Williams Premier Realty 651-214-1459

Yes, I am.  With more cold weather headed this way, I am thinking of ways to bring spring around.

Bathrooms – Add some new bright colored towels and change out that accent piece for something for the warmer weather.

Bedroom – Change the current bedding for a whole new look.  You will be amazed at how you feel when you walk into the room.  I also don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to crawl into those crisp clean sheets!  Add a few toss pillows for an inviting look.

Kitchen – Consider adding a new splash of color via towels, or a some new accents.  One of my favorites is to bring in a bouquet of live flowers.

Living and Family – Gotta have some seasonal toss pillows and take a look at the walls.  You would be amazed what happens when you change out some of the wall art seasonally.

If I take a moment or two today and find these items I will be ready to bring spring on full force when the time arrives.

Stay warm everyone and enjoy shopping those warm malls while you wait as patiently as possible for spring to arrive.

Letting Go of the Stuff

Removing the Clutter

Empower yourself by reducing the amount of stuff in your environment!

This week was the week I decided to remove more unnecessary items from the basement.  I am not planning on moving, or painting or doing any other large project.  I am just tired of all of the stuff.

We are fortunate to live in an area that has a variety of services that will swing right by the house and collect clothing, household items and in some cases even furniture.  I simply have to have my items on my porch by 8 PM and they pick up my items, leave me a tax slip and I win by having less to get rid of.   When they call I never turn them down.

With all of the items I have removed why does the house still seem full? Perhaps I need to do this room by room, removing all but the necessary items that I still need and love. If I can categorize it in any other fashion perhaps its time to go.

I am one of those persons who makes emotional connections to stuff, much like my own parents did and for that matter, my husband and one of my own boys.  I am not certain how to clean up, de-clutter and remove.  I need one of those organizer guru persons to shape me up.

Moving is a great time to reduce so that you can move in and let go of the past.  Have a garage sale, post items on Craig’s list or Ebay.  Donate, donate, donate.

Its tough to get rid of the stuff, but once it is picked up and gone I feel empowered, good about my accomplishment, frustrated when I look around and still find items that are cluttering my life.

What gets you in the mood to reduce?

Selling? How to Create that Welcoming Feel

Kim Woehl - Keller Williams Premier Realty 651-214-1459

It’s about the details!

I walk into homes all of the time with clients and I cannot tell you what a difference it makes when a home is staged to sell.  Potential buyers want to think of themselves living in this home.  They need to get that feeling that your home is their new home.  When buyers feel welcome and comfortable in your home they are much more apt to pick your home over the cold, cluttered or even empty home down the street.  How will you create that welcome feel?  Let me share a few tips.

1.  Clean up that clutter.  This means piles of mail or other paper, anything not necessary while you sell your home should be removed if possible to create an illusion of plenty of space.  Be selective in what items are out, put away personal items like family photos and instead opt for items that will again create that welcoming feel so that potential buyers can see themselves living here.

2.  Consider baking or having a snack available for showings.  Something that smells wonderful can’t hurt.  🙂  Cookies or a couple of bars with a note that this is for the tour is a wonderful gesture.

3.  Have you cleaned those carpets lately?  Homes often times have smells that are not considered fresh.  How about that basement?  Does is smell musty, closed up?  Get some windows open, do a bit of cleaning and step through the front door a few times.  If you smell anything so will potential buyers.

4.  Paint – Neutral colors are best as it allows others to see a blank slate.  A fresh coat of paint is an economical way to clean the place and create a fresh feel.  While you may love those tangarine walls, others will find it hideous.   I know, tough to believe but many a buyer has elected to buy the home down the street with fresh paint and neutral colors.

One last recommendation, invite a few friends over and ask what they recommend you change up to make the home more inviting.  ask for honestly, and don’t be offended if they tell you the truth.  Ask them for a list of 3 things each and I bet you will find similarities.  Make these changes if you can as these are buyers perspectives and are valuable!

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Kim Woehl – Keller Williams Premier Realty




Spring Cleaning or Something Else? You make the list and decide!

Toss, Donate, Sell – Having Baskets makes it easy to separate and move onto the next item!

Have you finished your spring cleaning yet?  My to do list continues to grow and I honestly am not sure I can clump all of the tasks into spring cleaning anymore.

I am a list maker.  I choose to go room to room preparing a list of items or tasks that must be done.  I do not care about order terribly although I find the items on the top of the list is those items that really needed addressing.  (I get frustrated too when other members of the family do not prioritize the way I do).  I am pretty sure this is where they came up with that phrase, “If you want it done right, do it yourself.”

I use a tip I read about years ago where you have 3 laundry baskets or 3 areas if you have larger items and as you go about your to do list categorize items into Toss, Donate, and Things to Sell. (remember if you toss it its gone, if you donate it, its gone, if you choose to sell it you might have to hang onto it for awhile or risk no one else wanting it).  This thought often helps me get the item into the appropriate toss or donate pile from the get go.

Once the decluttering is complete go at each room one at a time and address some of those larger tasks such as carpet cleaning and painting.  You don’t have to be an expert in all areas either.  You might find that hiring someone to do some of the service related tasks can save time and frustration in the long run.  Can I order those window cleaners now?  Check out a prior post on window cleaning at:

Once you tackle that indoor to do list take some time to clean the garage and to work in the yard.  Some new mulch and a bit of trimming will do wonders for that curb appeal and will have everyone in the neighborhood wanting their yards to look this nice too!

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Pruning Fruit Trees

Looking to buy or sell please give me a call. Know someone else considering a move? Please pass on my name. I want to be your Real Estate Expert!

Fruit trees need pruning to maintain shape, remove dead branches, remove diseased branches, and to rejuvenate older trees so that they can again begin producing more fruit.

Timing of pruning is important and more gardeners will tell you to prune while the tree is still dormant.  This allows you to better see the branches since you are not contending with leaves.  I am told the limbs are lighter in the winter as well although I haven’t noticed.  There is one other time you can prune and that it right after they are fully leaved out.    This allows the wounds to heal before those spring diseases try to get into your tree.

Winter is also a good time of year to trim most other types of trees as well and in many cases reduces disease.  Some of you gardeners who have been maintaining yards for years may not know this, but we no longer paint over the wound.  The tree will do this naturally on its own and this is said to be healthier for the tree.

I will be looking for apples come fall!  How about you?  What types of fruit trees do you have in your yard?  Is there another type of fruit that you wish you had growing in your yard?  Please share

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Curb Appeal – Got that driveway covered!

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So you’ve had that morning cup of coffee or tea and what to do with the remaining boiling water?  Take it out to your driveway or sidewalk and pour it over those pesky weeds that have taken root in the cracks!  Make sure to stand back to avoid splashing burns, but the hot water burns the weeds dead but cools quickly enough to save those wanted plants near the edges of your drive and walkways.  Once they are dry and dead, simply take a flat shovel and scrape them away!

This technique works great, is green, and makes your home look beautiful from the curb!  Share a tip that you have for  quick clean up around the home!