Wyoming Housing Market June 2015

house with handsConsidering selling or buying a home in Wyoming MN? Check out the newest market report.

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A few highlights are:
– The average sales price is $229,813
– Cost per square foot is up 5.6% at $112.00
– Days on market before sale is currently at 81 days

As a real estate professional I am always looking for buyers and sellers who are interested in working with an agent who is knowledgeable, and understands the current market. Let me show you what your current home will likely sell for. If you are looking to buy a home, let me listen to your needs and help you to find the perfect home. Whether you are a first time home buyer or you have been a home owner there is always more to learn about the process. No one likes surprises. Work with a team that supports you in all ways real estate.

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Picking a Neighborhood

Choosing the perfect neighborhood! Kim Woehl – Keller Williams Premier Realty kwoehl.kwrealty.com 651-214-1459

Your in the market to purchase a home.  I would bet you have thought about what you want in a home such as how many bedrooms, how many baths, do you need an attached garage and if so, how many stalls. I would also bet you have looked into what you can afford and hopefully have spoken to a mortgage company and collected your qualification letter so you are ready once you find that perfect home.

But, have you taken a look at where you wish to live?  What are your needs?  Will you need area parks, close shopping, perhaps you enjoy getting out in the evening and need something close?

Knowing how you like to live is important when choosing the neighborhood.  For example if you have children you might like an area with parks within walking distance and when you are out looking in the area for a home, notice who is out and about.

You will want to consider schools, crime, taxes, and other amenities such as lakes and water near by.   Is there public transportation?  Will my kids have to walk to school or is there a bus system in this area and will that make a difference in my decision?

Once you are pretty sure that you have found that perfect home, consider knocking on a few doors to hear what your potential neighbors have to say about the home, the area, and your other potential neighbors.  You can learn a lot!

If this is the home for you, your Realtor can help you to write up a purchase agreement and hopefully your offer will be accepted.  As a licensed Realtor I would love to help in your home search.  I want to be your Realtor. You picked your dentist, hairstylist, and favorite restaurant .   Pick me as YOUR Realtor.

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Lake Shore – Usage Versus Conservation Efforts

A new study is out.  It discusses why the lake level on White Bear Lake continues to be at an all time low.  It turns out that its not just the lack of rain and snow but that there may be a small leak at the bottom of the lake.  Even bigger is the blame that this report might be putting on other communities.  The report said that other cities north of the lake might be partially to blame as they are pumping water from the same aquifer.

As I read this I was like duh – we only have so much water and when the water is gone, its gone.  We have areas in the US that already have no water.  We ship water to them so that they can survive.  What happens now when we use all of our local water?  Well, I think we will borrow from somewhere else.  At what point will we look at the bigger picture and begin to conserve on this precious resource.

Minnesota and its 10,000 lakes seems like we have an abundance, but do we really?  If we don’t protect what we have will it remain or will it become polluted, used or otherwise wasted?

We can do lots by simply shutting off that faucet as we brush our teeth.  We can save by washing only full loads of laundry or dishes.  We can cut down on use of plastics which require water to make.  We can water only on our lawns and not send water onto the hard surfaces like driveways and roadways.  What can you do today to make a difference?

Kim Woehl is a realtor with Keller Williams Premier Realty and is also an instructor for MN Project Wet a curriculum for learning about water.  To learn more, contact Kim she would love to help you find a home on the water or to discuss other ways in which you might conserve water.  She is also available to come speak to your area group.  651-214-1459 or on the web at kwoehl.kwrealty.com

Make Wyoming MN Your Home Town – Using Media to Search the Web

So I understand that social media is the wave of the future and as a result I work to bring meaningful information to my clients and future clients.  One of the ways that I do this is through marketing on the Internet.  One of the ways that I can help buyers is by linking them to my website so that they can search any town that they wish.  They can then click on options such as how many bedrooms or how many baths a home has.  Perhaps you want to live on water.  you can define your search in this way too.  Need a fireplace?  Yes, you can define your search.

By the time you call me “your realtor”, you already have a really good idea of exactly what you are looking for.  You can now rely on me to collect further details to see if it still meets criteria.  Now we can go look at this home assuming its still on the market.

Check out my free search website and then give me a call when your ready to go shopping!

Kim is a realtor with Keller Williams Premier Realty.   She can be reached at 651-214-1459 or via her website at kwoehl.kwrealty.com

Check it out!

Country Roads

Who is Buying Homes?

According to the MN Association of Realtors.  Minnesota home buyers have some characteristics.  Do you fall into one of these?

  • 42% of recent home buyers are first time homebuyers
  •  The typical home buyer is 38 years old
  • 2010 median household income for buyers was $76,900
  • 61% of recent home buyers were married couples
  • 17% of recent home buyers are single females
  • 29% of MN recent home buyers said that their primary reasoning for purchasing a home was the desire to own a home.

If you are looking to be the next home owner please give me a call!  You can also visit my website and shop on your own until ready to go see one of the homes that are currently listed.

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Who is the First Time Home Buyer

First Time Homebuyer?


Looking for a Home? – What to look for at Open House

Today a checklist of sorts that will help you when you stop at your next Open House.

1.  Look at the condition of the property – use your senses as a guide.  What do you smell, see, hear and touch that will cause you to look deeper.  Look up, down and all around to see what potential fixes or changes might need to be addressed.

2.  Square Foot – If you are just beginning your home search this may be something that you have to see to understand better.  Once you stop by a few you will have a better understanding of how big the rooms in a home need to be for your success.

3.  Inclusions – What comes with the home?  Generally anything that is attached to the home comes with the home.  That said, sometimes certain items are excluded from the sale and will be listed on the MLS in this manner.  Make sure you know if appliances, window treatments, and lighting fixtures are included and now with flat screen TV‘s and wall mounting’s we need to be clear on what is a fixture so no one is surprised later on.

4.  Renovations – Have their been renovations and if so when?  Is there room for further renovations should I later decide to do some remodeling or room additions?

5.  The Outside – Walk the property.  Begin with the home itself.  What is the condition of the roofing, siding walkways, driveway etc.  Does the home have landscaping and what is its condition?  Are there wells on the property or other things you should be aware of such as a grave?  (it happens).  Look at the chimney and other brick work to make sure it is in good condition.  Does the home have a deck or patio?  If so, what condition are they in?  Does the home have central air?  Stop and check the condition of the air conditioner.  Are there outbuildings, sheds, pools, etc?  If so what condition are these in?  This is also a good time to again use your senses and listen to see if you hear any noises that might be a deal breaker.

6.  Hire an expert – while we can yea or neah a lot of things on our own, once you find that one that seems to meet your  needs, write up an offer but make it contingent on a home inspection.  Hire a reputable home inspector.  Review their report and note any fixes or problem areas.  If the concerns are fixes you can address, buy.  If they will be costly or unobtainable, continue your search.

7.  Your Realtor – While you are free to attend open houses on your own, setting up a private showing with your real estate agent will allow for more time to walk through, a knowledgeable person working for YOU who can point out areas of concern and or help in only showing you homes that really match your needs in the first place.  In most cases, the person holding the open house is looking out for the seller.  You need your realtor to be looking out for you!

Kim Woehl is a licensed real estate agent with Keller Williams Premier Realty – She works in the Lakes area.  This includes Forest Lake, Wyoming, North Branch, Lindstrom, Chisago City, Stacy, Scandia, Hugo, Center City, Linwood, East Bethel.  If you are looking for an agent that will work hard for you and listen to your needs.  A realtor that will educate and keep you in the loop as you move along the process of finding your next home, look no more.  Give her a call!  651-214-1459


Bzz Agent – Hills Science Diet Mature Adult Dog Food

So today I am trying something different.  I have been a BzzAgent for a number of years.  I get to try new products and share my real opinion of them in face to face and in lots of media outlets such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter.  I usually get these products free and sometimes for a reduced fee.

Recently I signed up to try Hills Science Diet Ideal Balance Mature Dog Dog Food.  Before we get too far into the story I must warn you that I did not personally sample the food, but shared it with our old dog Nora.

Nora is a Second Chance animal.  That means that we adopted her through the Second Chance Animal Shelter.  She is a great dog, and has been a member of our family for many years.  For those of you looking for a great pet, definitely check out this group!

Nora is a Bassett – Welsh Corgi Mix or so we have been told.  She is a great dog!  She doesn’t bark, has never jumped on people, spends most of her days sleeping!

About the only negative that we have with Nora is that as she has gotten older her stomach has become more sensitive.  Some dog foods cause her to feel sick or to actually throw up.  When I seen the Hills Science Diet Dog food come up as a Bzz Campaign I knew I had to try to get into the campaign.  I got in!

The day the Hills Science Diet came was fun as I had kind of forgotten that I had joined and had no clue what was going to be in the box.  I carefully pulled back the tape on the box and old Nora came over to help me see what was inside.  She has this keen nose when it comes to a new bag of dogfood coming into the house and this was no exception.  We both waited until dinner time to allow her to try it.

Nora enjoying her free sample of Hills Science Diet Ideal Balance Mature Dog Food











As you can see she loves it!  We are nearing the end of our bag already and will soon be off to purchase some more!

So now that you know she likes it, lets talk about what’s in it.  First off Hills Science Diet has a 100% guarantee or your money back.  Who can’t love that?

I was also impressed by the list of ingredients.  The main ingredient is chicken!  It also includes fruits and veggies and even cranberry which I hear is good for urinary issues in older dogs.  Don’t forget the whole grains.  They are in here too.  There is no corn and no artificial colors.

If you turn the bag around you find out something else really cool.  Hills Science Diet provides free food 365 days a year to shelter animals like my Nora used to be.  They also sponsor fundraisers and adoption events.  I even found out that I can join in too.  You can check it out by going to http://www.hillspet.com.

As you can see Hills Science Diet is about many things that are important to me.  Great food for my dog and helping the community.  I hope you will pick up a bag and see if your dog likes it.  If he or she does, please stop back and let me know what they think.

Again I wanted to mention that I was given a free sample of Hills Science Diet Mature Dog Formula as a Bzz Agent.  If you would like to become a BzzAgent, ask me how!

What type of dog to you have and what makes them so special to your family?

Winter Home Safety – Fire Extinguisher Tips

An all-text fire extinguisher sign found in a ...

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The media does a good job of letting people know to have working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in their homes.  What they don’t talk much about however is the need for at least a 10ABC fire extinguisher in the home.  Preferably in the kitchen area since this is generally the place of most home fires.

So what is a 10ABC fire extinguisher?

The A means that it can be used on trash, wood and paper.  The B means that it can be used on liquids such as oil.  The C means that it is safe to use on electrical appliances.  The 10 is the size of the extinguisher.  anything smaller than a 10 just can’t put out most fires.  An example of one that many homes have is a kitchen size extinguisher that generally is for a tiny fire.  Because fire grows very quickly you want to have a larger one available to use.

As a member of our local child care association we have recharge dates twice annually in April and November of each year.  The cost is minimal at around $5.00.  You can also purchase a new one at these events for around $40.00.

Did you know that fire extinguishers should be recharged at least annually and tagged at each recharge?  How awful would it be to not have a working extinguisher if you needed it?  Don’t count on those little  indicator windows either.  Sometimes they get sticky and say that they are good when in fact they need a charge.

I mentioned earlier that the kitchen was a good place for your extinguisher.  I keep mine under the kitchen sink.  This is fine so long as you don’t let it sneak to the back and to keep it easily accessible. Some choose to hang their extinguishers.  It really doesn’t matter so long as everyone knows where to find it and how to use it.

Take time to read the directions or better yet attend a seminar on fire extinguisher use.  Most of us would attack the fire incorrectly without training.

As we enter the busy holiday seasons, take time today to make sure you have a working fire extinguisher in your home.  You will feel safer just knowing it is there waiting for when the need arises.

Kim Woehl is a Realtor with Keller Williams Premier Realty.  She would love to hear from you when you are considering buying or selling your home.  She can also connect you with Child Care Provider Network of Chisago County so that you too can get your fire extinguisher recharged.  Give her a call 651-214-1459






Recycle Your Old Holiday Light Strings – Ace is The Place – Forest Lake and Wyoming

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

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Now is the time year that we all open up our boxes and bins in search of our holiday cheer.  I cannot help but to think about that mass clump of lights that Clark Griswald of Christmas Vacation pulls from a box.  He hands this huge knotted clump of lights over to his son Russ and says something like, “a little knot there”, when it could not have been a more impossible task to untangle.

I too have seen these knots no matter how carefully we put them away, and no matter what method we use or have tried.  We still seem to not be able to find the end or untangle the set.  The other major issue is that you can have a perfectly working string when you put them away, but by the next season when you gingerly pull them out, they have decided to work only partially or not at all.  Now what to do with that non working string?  Most of us have tossed these into our trash cans and they go to the landfill and fill up our land with what can now be recycled.

All participating Ace Hardware stores are taking holiday light strings beginning on the 15th of November.  The Recycling Association of MN (RAM) is starting its 3rd season of recycling and will continue until the end of the holiday season.

Did you know that they can recycle every part of a light string?  They recycle the lights, the string, the plug ins, everything!  Last year they met their goal and this year are hoping to recycle 200,000 light strands.  Obviously this is making a difference to the landfills, but it is also allowing us to reuse these materials and also to create employment to the workers who are paid to take these strings apart, to those who recycle the product and to those that turn these pieces into new items.

If you don’t have a local Ace Hardware such as Forest Lake and Wyoming Minnesota, you can go to  www.RecycleMinnesota.org. for an interactive map that can guide you to a recycle center near you.  Last year there were 400 locations taking part in this effort and this number will grow as the season goes on.

After you recycle your old strings, consider purchasing the new higher efficiency LED lights.  “According to the Department of Energy, running LED holiday lights on one 6-foot tree for 12 hours per day for 40 days can save 90% or more energy when compared to traditional incandescent holiday lights”.  In ending I wanted to share that they also recycle any type of electrical cord such as telephone, speaker and damaged extension cords.  Make a trip to your local ACE hardware store with your old knot today!  It will feel good!

Kim Woehl is a Realtor with Keller Williams Premier Realty in Forest Lake Minnesota.  651-214-1459  kwoehl.kwrealty.com

Are you excited to decorate for the holidays?  Please share!

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Drop off your old strings at ACE Hardware!

What Home Buyers Want to Know – Ask Forest Lake Realtor!

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I will Find Your Perfect Home!

So I have scheduled a showing and a family wants to see your home.  This is good news.  This is important news.  We arrive at your front door and they are excited to see the home.  They want to see the layout, the kitchen, bedrooms and yard.  If they like what they see they soon come to a few questions for me.  Some of which I don’t know or cannot disclose.

They might ask why the seller is selling which I generally do not know.  Sometimes they want to know why its so reasonable or so expensive depending on what we have already seen.

Other times they ask important questions that I can answer such as how is the neighborhood or what schools are near by.  They might want to know more about the house such as is there natural gas on the street in case I wish to convert?  How much were the taxes last year? What is included in the sale price such as does this water softener come with the home?

They almost always want to know how many days the home has been on the market and this can drive that asking price down which is why pricing it correctly at market is so very important.

As an agent who works for you, I will do my best as a buyer or seller to know these answers or will find out very quickly for you and get a return call to you.  If your agent isn’t working for you, maybe its time for a move.

Call me – Kim Woehl – Keller Williams Premier Realty – 651 214 1459  My home office is in the Forest Lake Minnesota Area.  See what makes this area the place to live.

Your local resource be it for buying selling or just looking.  No pressure tactics, only education and a listening ear!