Wyoming Housing Market June 2015

house with handsConsidering selling or buying a home in Wyoming MN? Check out the newest market report.

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A few highlights are:
– The average sales price is $229,813
– Cost per square foot is up 5.6% at $112.00
– Days on market before sale is currently at 81 days

As a real estate professional I am always looking for buyers and sellers who are interested in working with an agent who is knowledgeable, and understands the current market. Let me show you what your current home will likely sell for. If you are looking to buy a home, let me listen to your needs and help you to find the perfect home. Whether you are a first time home buyer or you have been a home owner there is always more to learn about the process. No one likes surprises. Work with a team that supports you in all ways real estate.

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Housing is Rebounding – Multiple Offers Attest!

The market continues to improve.  I don’t need data to know this.  The last month’s offers have left me with only one offer that was not part of a multiple offer deal.  Listing agents have reported back to me on a few of these and stated that we were one of 8 other offers on the same property.

People are buying and what they have to select from is limited and when a nice one comes around, it is likely gone before the day is out unless they are holding out for the best offer via multiple offers.

As a buyer you will find you will make an offer only to have your agent get back to you asking for your highest and best.  They need this as you are part of a multiple offer deal and the seller wants to make the most money and the buyer has to decide just how much they really want the property.  Often times someone else has a bit more money to spend, has a good qualification letter or is totally preapproved.

When you are ready to buy a home I highly suggest being pre approved and keep this letter updated so that it is always a good letter.  Once you have your letter in hand you are ready to talk to your licensed real estate expert.  We will help you to find the home that fits your budget and location criteria.  Choose an agent who will ask what you need and then will listen and show you what you really wish to see.  Use free MLS search sites like mine  🙂 to search on your own and then go see it for yourself.

Are you ready to make that move?  Let’s talk!

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Finding Your New Home

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You are looking for a new home, there are homes for sale so why can it be so hard to find the right one?  Searching for a new home can be frustrating, time consuming and confusing if you don’t know where to begin your search.

I strongly suggest beginning with a list of wants as well as a list of what you definitely do not want.  Its important to know that you won’t likely find a home that matches your entire wish list.  Some times you may not even know what you are looking for and that is okay.  Your agent can help you decipher what it is that you are looking for.  The first place I always recommend that how buyers visit is a local mortgage company to see what they qualify for and to get a pre-qualification letter.  We use this letter later on to attach to all offers and this one piece of paper will often set you ahead of the next guy especially if they have not pre-qualified.  With today’s market we are seeing lots of multiple offers so anything that can put you ahead of the other buyer is a good thing.

With your letter in hand, it is now a good time to sit down with your real estate agent to discuss what you are looking for.  Will it be a town home, single family home, lake home or anything else.  Will you wish to live in town, in the country, next to a park, close to schools?  Do you want a garage, stairs, how many bedrooms will you need?  Are you looking for a move in ready home or are you handy and are hoping to save some costs coming in and doing some of your own renovations?  These and many other questions can be asked and considered before your agent even begins a search.

Now the fun part begins.  You can start previewing homes on line.  You can do this for free at my website and find homes all of the homes that are currently available on the MLS.  (www.kwoehl.kwrealty.com)

The website lets you set up price, location, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, if you require a fireplace you can find that too.  Perhaps you want lake shore.  You can set the criteria to only find water front properties.  There is even a way to search for rentals if you don’t have quite enough for a down payment yet and need to rent for a bit.

Here is the best part.  Once you have signed up and set your criteria you won’t have to do this each time.  You can even set this up (or your agent can) so that you get daily emails of new listings that fit your criteria so that you can get in and make an offer before other potential buyers scoop up your dream home.

While viewing homes online can be a huge time saver and helps your agent to learn what you like it is also important to remember to have an open mind.  Sometimes photos can be deceiving and other times they don’t do a home justice.  Perhaps this home is in the perfect neighborhood or maybe its not.  Sticking to your list and then being diligent in your search will find you that perfect home and get you moved in!


Selling? How to Create that Welcoming Feel

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It’s about the details!

I walk into homes all of the time with clients and I cannot tell you what a difference it makes when a home is staged to sell.  Potential buyers want to think of themselves living in this home.  They need to get that feeling that your home is their new home.  When buyers feel welcome and comfortable in your home they are much more apt to pick your home over the cold, cluttered or even empty home down the street.  How will you create that welcome feel?  Let me share a few tips.

1.  Clean up that clutter.  This means piles of mail or other paper, anything not necessary while you sell your home should be removed if possible to create an illusion of plenty of space.  Be selective in what items are out, put away personal items like family photos and instead opt for items that will again create that welcoming feel so that potential buyers can see themselves living here.

2.  Consider baking or having a snack available for showings.  Something that smells wonderful can’t hurt.  🙂  Cookies or a couple of bars with a note that this is for the tour is a wonderful gesture.

3.  Have you cleaned those carpets lately?  Homes often times have smells that are not considered fresh.  How about that basement?  Does is smell musty, closed up?  Get some windows open, do a bit of cleaning and step through the front door a few times.  If you smell anything so will potential buyers.

4.  Paint – Neutral colors are best as it allows others to see a blank slate.  A fresh coat of paint is an economical way to clean the place and create a fresh feel.  While you may love those tangarine walls, others will find it hideous.   I know, tough to believe but many a buyer has elected to buy the home down the street with fresh paint and neutral colors.

One last recommendation, invite a few friends over and ask what they recommend you change up to make the home more inviting.  ask for honestly, and don’t be offended if they tell you the truth.  Ask them for a list of 3 things each and I bet you will find similarities.  Make these changes if you can as these are buyers perspectives and are valuable!

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Do you Need that Home Inspection Before Buying?

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Choose a trusted home inspector – one that looks at the foundation, heating system, cooling system, electrical, plumbing, roof, attic, insulation, windows, doors, basement and structural components.

I am frequently asked if buyers need to pay for a home inspection prior to purchasing a home.  As a licensed Realtor I work for my client.  My role is to provide them with as much information as I can so that they can make an informed decision.  In most cases I feel obtaining a home inspection is a good use of funds.  As a Realtor I write a sale, contingent on if the house passes the inspection.  It can save the potential home buyer tons of stress and money.  In some cases that inspection gives you your walking papers and you look for the next home that does pass inspection.

An inspection will shed light on some potential huge issues with a home such as structural damage, non working or very old heating and cooling systems, perhaps the roof will need to be replaced sooon.  You want to make sure that you ask what the home inspection includes. Does it include a look at the inside and the outside?  Will they look at the foundation, electrical work, the furnace and air conditioner?  Will they check to see that the appliances actually work? Do you feel like this inspector is someone you could trust?

What if your that handy guy/gal and you plan to be doing a bunch of upgrades to the home yourself?  A quality home inspection can still share details about what project you might wish to start first.

Work with a reputable home inspector and they can save you much worry and lots of expense.  This is just one of the many reasons that it is good to select your Realtor as you would your personal Doctor.  Your Realtor will look out for you and will help you to make informed decisions that will allow you to find that perfect home.

If you want a Realtor that will look out for you and make sure that your next home is the right one for you, give me a call.  I make it my job to inform the buyer so that they can make an informed decision.  Will you get a home inspection when you find that next home?  If you need a recommendation in the North metro, give me a call.  I would love to be your Realtor!

I am a licensed Realtor with Keller Williams Premier Realty.  You can reach me by calling 651-214-1459 or by visiting my website.  You can search for homes for free at http://kwoehl.kwrealty.com/  Look me up!  I am waiting to work with you!

Who is Buying Homes?

According to the MN Association of Realtors.  Minnesota home buyers have some characteristics.  Do you fall into one of these?

  • 42% of recent home buyers are first time homebuyers
  •  The typical home buyer is 38 years old
  • 2010 median household income for buyers was $76,900
  • 61% of recent home buyers were married couples
  • 17% of recent home buyers are single females
  • 29% of MN recent home buyers said that their primary reasoning for purchasing a home was the desire to own a home.

If you are looking to be the next home owner please give me a call!  You can also visit my website and shop on your own until ready to go see one of the homes that are currently listed.

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Who is the First Time Home Buyer

First Time Homebuyer?


Open House Preparation 101 – What one MN Realtor Says

Family Room (HDR)

Image by _christian m via Flickr

Preparing for Your Open House

Prepping is very important so that your house can sell itself and place it above other like homes in the area.  Read on for tips to make your open house successful!

Curb Appeal

Careful preparation of the exterior of your home is very important.  Make sure lawn is mowed and trimmed.  Pick up any loose garbage that might have blown in, pick up downed sticks and if possible put garbage and recycling containers out of sight.  Walk up the sidewalk and look for anything that might need addressing such as a plant that doesn’t look healthy or do that last minute sweeping of the porch to pull out dust and or maybe even a cobweb.  First impressions are often lasting.

The Smell Test                     

Our senses often work overtime and we often attach emotions to smells.  We want potential buyers to either not smell anything or to smell something that reminds them of a great moment in time.  Some of the biggest complaints that are heard after a walk through are about the smells.  Smoke, musty, pet odor, dirty clothing are all things that potential buyers will comment on, but these are also things that will leave a lasting impression in a more negative way.  Bake cookies just prior to the open house, a pie or perhaps even some pot pourri.  Just be careful not to overpower the house with any smell.

Foyer Focus

Step outside your front door and then open the front door and walk in.  As you do so look around.  Really look.  Make sure you have put away all shoes and jackets,  Look at mirrors, wall art and windows making sure that there are no smudges, dust or spider webs.  Take a moment to wipe down switch plates and those door knobs!  Does the closet look spacious?  If not, pack seasonal items away and limit anything else that is not necessary at this time.

Open Spaces

From the home entrance, take a look around.  What other areas of the house can you see from the entrance?  If there are items or areas that look cluttered, remove these items.  If something looks out of place, move it.  As you walk around, make sure all window treatments are open as far as possible to let in lots of light.  Turn on all lamps and lights in the house!

The Kitchen

The kitchen is often the make or break of any home buying consideration.  This makes it a room to spend some extra time in.  Put away anything that is not necessary.  Make sure trash can is empty and clean to meet goal above (odor).  Shine the sink and make sure all towels are put away.  If you have appliances sitting out on the counter top,   Dishwasher should be clean and empty and thought should be put into de cluttering the inside of the cabinets and drawers.  Make sure they are clean.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms require a real shine.  By nature, they are private spaces so try to think hotel bathroom here.  Remove all clutter, and put away all personal items such as toothbrushes, razors, shaving cream, brushes, etc.  Put these into a basket and tuck them away during open houses.  Put up some new towels that are clean and fresh.  Make sure toilet, shower, sink are all shining!  Empty trash and hide the toilet brush and or plunger out of site.  Look to the ceiling and make sure fan and fixtures are clean and dust free.  Are all of the bulbs working?  If not, replace these before the open house.  Open up the linen closet and declutter and remove anything that you won’t need until after the move.

The Bedroom

Are the windows letting in as much light as possible?  Are the windows clean both inside and out?  Make sure the bed is made and that all personal items are stored away.  Use a laundry basket or storage tote to pop items into during opens and showings so that you can just toss items into it and take it with you in the car during the show.  Open your closet and remove any seasonal items, bulky bedding or anything else that makes the closet “look full”.  You want to leave the impression that you have lots of extra space.  Take all jewelry or other valuable items with you if at all possible.  Medications are another thing that should go along with you or at minimum, be tucked into a drawer.  Potential buyers can be nosy and will open closets and other items that will sell with the home such as built in furniture.

The Living and Family Room

Put away everything that might be construed as clutter.  Newspapers, magazines, remotes, toys, etc.  Wipe down all electronics to make sure they are dust and smudge free.  Fluff those pillows and throws to create a clean and tidy appearance.  Vacuum the room to remove any tracks if you have this type of carpet.  Remember it can be the little things that can make or break the deal, so your extra effort can really pay off big!

Dining Area

Wipe down chairs and table and remove all clutter.  Consider adding a simple arrangement like flowers or a bowl of fruit and consider dressing the table for a meal with nice china.  This is the one room that you may choose to dim the lighting if possible to create extra ambiance in the room.

Laundry / Utility / Basement Area

These areas often carry an odor due to their below grade status.  Allow dehumidifiers to run before your open house, however turn off and remove if possible so as to not cause extra concern if not necessary.  Just a reminder, that any moisture problem will be disclosed to all potential buyers. You might plug in an air freshener behind a piece of furniture to add a nice scent to the room.  The laundry room, while a place to do laundry, should not have any piles of clothes present, clean or dirty.  The washer and dryer should be empty as well as any baskets.  Dirty laundry can stink too, so take this into consideration.  Store detergents and other cleaners out of site and give the washer and dryer a wipe down to have them shine.  Oh and don’t forget to clean the lint trap and empty that trash can.


I hope that you have found these tips helpful and can see what with these tips you can be ready to go in short notice without feeling like you have left a mess behind.  Keep it up and Good Luck in finding your buyer!