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    Minnesotans stay in their homes an average of 9 years

  • 91% of all sellers were assisted by a Licensed Real Estate Agent when selling their home
  • Sellers sold their homes for 92% of the listing price and 74% of those reduced their asking price at least once
  • 37% of home sellers offered incentives such as helping to pay closing costs or including home warranty policies.

If you are thinking about selling now is the perfect time to speak with a licensed real estate agent.  They will get your home marketed so that you can bring in as many interested buyers as possible.  Homes that are listed at current market level are selling now.  Make yours one of them.

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Recycle Your Old Holiday Light Strings – Ace is The Place – Forest Lake and Wyoming

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

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Now is the time year that we all open up our boxes and bins in search of our holiday cheer.  I cannot help but to think about that mass clump of lights that Clark Griswald of Christmas Vacation pulls from a box.  He hands this huge knotted clump of lights over to his son Russ and says something like, “a little knot there”, when it could not have been a more impossible task to untangle.

I too have seen these knots no matter how carefully we put them away, and no matter what method we use or have tried.  We still seem to not be able to find the end or untangle the set.  The other major issue is that you can have a perfectly working string when you put them away, but by the next season when you gingerly pull them out, they have decided to work only partially or not at all.  Now what to do with that non working string?  Most of us have tossed these into our trash cans and they go to the landfill and fill up our land with what can now be recycled.

All participating Ace Hardware stores are taking holiday light strings beginning on the 15th of November.  The Recycling Association of MN (RAM) is starting its 3rd season of recycling and will continue until the end of the holiday season.

Did you know that they can recycle every part of a light string?  They recycle the lights, the string, the plug ins, everything!  Last year they met their goal and this year are hoping to recycle 200,000 light strands.  Obviously this is making a difference to the landfills, but it is also allowing us to reuse these materials and also to create employment to the workers who are paid to take these strings apart, to those who recycle the product and to those that turn these pieces into new items.

If you don’t have a local Ace Hardware such as Forest Lake and Wyoming Minnesota, you can go to for an interactive map that can guide you to a recycle center near you.  Last year there were 400 locations taking part in this effort and this number will grow as the season goes on.

After you recycle your old strings, consider purchasing the new higher efficiency LED lights.  “According to the Department of Energy, running LED holiday lights on one 6-foot tree for 12 hours per day for 40 days can save 90% or more energy when compared to traditional incandescent holiday lights”.  In ending I wanted to share that they also recycle any type of electrical cord such as telephone, speaker and damaged extension cords.  Make a trip to your local ACE hardware store with your old knot today!  It will feel good!

Kim Woehl is a Realtor with Keller Williams Premier Realty in Forest Lake Minnesota.  651-214-1459

Are you excited to decorate for the holidays?  Please share!

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Drop off your old strings at ACE Hardware!

What Home Buyers Want to Know – Ask Forest Lake Realtor!

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I will Find Your Perfect Home!

So I have scheduled a showing and a family wants to see your home.  This is good news.  This is important news.  We arrive at your front door and they are excited to see the home.  They want to see the layout, the kitchen, bedrooms and yard.  If they like what they see they soon come to a few questions for me.  Some of which I don’t know or cannot disclose.

They might ask why the seller is selling which I generally do not know.  Sometimes they want to know why its so reasonable or so expensive depending on what we have already seen.

Other times they ask important questions that I can answer such as how is the neighborhood or what schools are near by.  They might want to know more about the house such as is there natural gas on the street in case I wish to convert?  How much were the taxes last year? What is included in the sale price such as does this water softener come with the home?

They almost always want to know how many days the home has been on the market and this can drive that asking price down which is why pricing it correctly at market is so very important.

As an agent who works for you, I will do my best as a buyer or seller to know these answers or will find out very quickly for you and get a return call to you.  If your agent isn’t working for you, maybe its time for a move.

Call me – Kim Woehl – Keller Williams Premier Realty – 651 214 1459  My home office is in the Forest Lake Minnesota Area.  See what makes this area the place to live.

Your local resource be it for buying selling or just looking.  No pressure tactics, only education and a listening ear!


Forest Lake’s Parks and Recreation

I stopped by the office (Keller Williams Premier Realty), the other day, and the weather was so beautiful for a fall day that I had to take out my camera and try to catch a bit of fall before old man winter comes rolling on in.

I walked to Lakeside Park our Forest Lake, city center park.  It was very quiet on the day of my visit with only one other family enjoying those small motorized boats in the beach area.  The swing bays were empty as was the play structure itself.  No children were laughing and giggling while sliding down the variety of slides, nor being pushed to the moon on a swing.  I was reminded of childhood obesity, a new epidemic, as children are not getting out as they used to and need to.  Here it was a beautiful day, it was lunch time or near and yet no children and parents out enjoying the day.

Forest Lake has 22 parks listed in its park guide and last week some vandals chose to destroy one of these outdoor wonderlands.  I hope that you will take some time before winter comes a calling to spend some much needed time outdoors with your little ones.  Who knows…  I might see you there!  If you see me, please stop over and say hello!

I am a licensed Realtor living and working in the Lakes Area.  If you are looking for your own local park or home, please give me a call!

What was your favorite thing to do at the park?

Lakeside Park - Kim Woehl

List of crossings of the Colorado River (Texas)

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Road construction is one of Minnesota‘s 5 seasons. It seems to kinda blend in between and among spring, summer and fall.   Trying to give driving directions from here to there can be nearly impossible!  Oh and if by chance you can get them through this mass obstacle course of orange cones, large equipment and pot holes the size of compact cars, you might find out that they just changed the course and what worked yesterday to get you through was today impassible.

This summer locally they have totally removed a bridge from our main corridor, ripped up that said corridor, and then for hoots and giggles, decided to pretty much tear up the Interstate 35 heading in both directions for about a 20 mile drive in either direction.

So you say, find a detour and you should be fine.  Well that does sound like a great idea if said detour was they not under construction as well.  Recently a client called me in frustration about her drive to work.  She was getting off in Hugo, MN to detour around some of the congested freeway work only to find that 14 was closed.  No warning was given as to why nor did the closed sign give a length of closure.  Needless to say getting from here to there can seem down right impossible.

Being the positive person that I am, I choose to leave extra early for appointments, carry a book with me at all times and think about how exciting it will be to have our roads passable once again.  I look forward to the area businesses regaining some of the lost revenue from those who simply would not take the challenge of the obstacle course and I especially can’t wait to run my 4 tires over the smooth surface of the all new Broadway corridor.  Oh how I miss the Western half of the city.

The local papers are reporting that the bridge project is 3 weeks ahead of schedule even though we had a state shutdown earlier this year.  Will you be out there with me waiting to travel this brand new road?

The photo is taken looking eastLooking East toward Lake Street - Forest Lake, MN out of the Culver’s parking lot.  They have made progress indeed!  I am a Realtor working at Keller Williams Premier Realty in Forest Lake MN.  I would love to have you give me community topics to discuss on this blog.  Better yet, follow me!

Road Construction Season

Forest Lake Homecoming – Come for the Festivities, stay for the people!


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Come to Forest Lake this week to see what all the fuss is about.  The Forest Lake High School  in district 831 has fun activities going on all week!  Monday evening is the annual college fair and everyone is invited to stop in to check this out!  Tuesday is jersey day at the High School and the school becomes very colorful!  Wednesday is Western Day and of course the Spirit Bus will be stopping in at local elementary schools to get the kids excited about homecoming and education!  Thursday marks neon day at the high school and I honestly am thinking this might be interesting to see.  Two soccer games will also be taking place at the high school, one will be at 5 and the other will be at 7 PM.  Friday at 1:45 is the coronation of the new king and queen and by 5 pm tailgating begins!  This years game is against Hastings and Forest Lake and begins at 7 pm.

A trip to Forest Lake for the game will allow you to see the community spirit around homecoming week.  Many area businesses have specials going on all week and the detour through Forest Lake is clearly marked so you can still get to all area businesses.

Come see what community fun can be had in Forest Lake this week and see why so many call it home.  If I can help you in finding that special place to call home, please give me a call at 651-214-1459.