Wyoming Housing Market June 2015

house with handsConsidering selling or buying a home in Wyoming MN? Check out the newest market report.


A few highlights are:
– The average sales price is $229,813
– Cost per square foot is up 5.6% at $112.00
– Days on market before sale is currently at 81 days

As a real estate professional I am always looking for buyers and sellers who are interested in working with an agent who is knowledgeable, and understands the current market. Let me show you what your current home will likely sell for. If you are looking to buy a home, let me listen to your needs and help you to find the perfect home. Whether you are a first time home buyer or you have been a home owner there is always more to learn about the process. No one likes surprises. Work with a team that supports you in all ways real estate.

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Investing in a Rental Home – Consider this.

Looking to invest in real estate?  Contact Kim Woehl - Keller Williams Premier Realty  651-214-1459

Looking to invest in real estate? Contact Kim Woehl – Keller Williams Premier Realty 651-214-1459

We buy a home hoping that it will increase in value.  We watched for years as homes made a steady upward climb.  It began to seem almost impossible that this steady progression would stop, but it did.

Just like any investment we don’t have a lot of control over what ultimately happens when it comes to the market.  This said, we do have control over where to buy, how much to spend and how much to improve the property.

Consider for a moment that you purchase a home with the idea that it will never appreciate.  Even if the price of the home never goes up, you still are collecting monthly rental income while you pay down the mortgage.  You can also increase the property value by making updates that will bring value to the home.  How much can you afford to lose.  Before buying is the time to decide how much risk you can take and if investing is right for you.


Gas Fireplaces, Kids, Ouch!

As a parent I have long been worried about the hot fireplace gas when

Fireplace safety tips

Fireplace safety tips

the fireplace is on.  They make guards but few use these as they take away from the enjoyment of watching the rolling fire.

As a caregiver I have chosen to not use the fireplace when children are present.  This pretty much ensures the safety of everyone.  Its the law to make sure that no harm comes to children.  This being said, homeowners are sometimes very unaware of just how hot the glass becomes.

New laws are being created and will take place in January of 2015 that will put a screen, gate, or protective panel barrier in front of all new fireplaces.  This leaves the eleven million households with older fireplaces as a risk for burns.  Caution must be used to make sure that the screens or other protective devise is approved for your particular fireplace or you may still have a risk of burns or a fireplace that no longer operates as it was intended.

Will these new features still cause a burn?  They may if a hand is placed upon the barrier for any period of time.   The bottom line is that as a parent or a family with young house guests that you make sure to remind and supervise all little persons who would be curious about the fireplace.

Some extra tips to ensure safety might be to:

– read the owners manual or check with a licensed dealer to make sure your fireplace is safe

– Check the surrounding frames and such on the fireplace, these too can be burn hazards

– ALWAYS supervise children, the elderly and pets while using your fireplace and remember that it takes a good while before these are cool to the touch.

– Make sure remotes or switches are out of children’s reach

– Consider adding a lock over switches that are in children’s reach

– Remind all guests that fireplace glass and surrounds can be hot enough to burn

– Lastly – have your fireplace serviced regularly to ensure it is operating properly and to ensure that no new laws have made it a dangerous item in your home.

Mom and Dad Spaces – Dealing with Aging Parents

rocking chairMore and more families are going back to years gone by and making spaces for aging parents.  Some are adding additions so that parents can have separate living quarters and yet have their family very near by.  Others opt for a shared space with a bedroom devoted to mom, dad or both.

When my husband and I were young we built our first home.  While we were in the construction phase we bought a camper and moved it to my parent’s farm.  This worked pretty well as we hooked up to their sewer and used their water.  We had our own space and this worked for us even though it was cramped and did not allow for a lot of storage.  It was a short term living space.

As fall came and then the snow, it became too difficult to keep the little camper heated and we had to refill the fuel tank daily.  My parents let us move into their home for the last month of construction.  We made it work.  We were all a bit more cramped and my hubby and I shared a place on a pull out couch that had to be cleaned up and put away daily in their living room.  We were both allergic to cats and my parents had several.  It worked, but wasn’t the best living arrangements.  Let’s say we were happy to finally move into our new home and they were happy to see us move out and into our new space.

There are certainly things to consider when having your parents or your spouses move into your home.  Will it be separate, will you plan to hang out during the day, will noise be a factor, will you be sharing meals, will you have them sign a lease or will they be allowed to occupy the space for free?  Planning for success will bring success and many families are doing it already.  What a great way to save on rent, lower housing expenses and keep your parents near as they age.  I would love to hear success and horror stories and of course any tips you might have.

Kim is a real estate agent working in the north metro area with Keller Williams Premier Realty.  Let her find you your next home.  Perhaps a home large enough to support your family and a space for mom or dad!

Here is a you tube clip that will give additional considerations to shared space living.  http://youtu.be/XDZdMAJ7KOA



Should you Buy a Fixer Upper? – Making a Sound Decision

Fixer Upper or Money Pit?

When considering whether to purchase a home as a fixer upper it is important to consider several key points.  First of all is time and money.  Fixer uppers typically need lots of both.  The other thing that is important to consider is how you will live while you making improvements.

If you have a lack of funds it would probably not be in your best interest to purchase a home that needs lots of love and attention otherwise you will see it continue its downward spiral into the money pit.  If you will be living in the same home that you will be making improvements on, consider where you will store furniture and such while you are remodeling.  It can get messy, crowded, dusty, etc and often you will live without modern conveniences for periods of time as you work on projects.

Who will do the work?  If its not you, you will need a budget the cost of having a professional come in to do the work and more time in selecting the contractor to help with that task.  Oh and by the way, they will be a lot less flexible if you have items in the work area.  They prefer to have a clean slate to work in/on.

As a family who does lots of do it yourself projects and yes on a fixer upper my advice is to start small if you haven’t done much of this to see if its for you.  Fixing a small plumbing problem might lead to a total redo of the old existing plumbing.  I am speaking from experience here and the water was shut off for days as we reworked and brought the existing plumbing up to today’s codes.

Looking for that fixer upper or that move in ready place, be sure to give me a call so I can help you to find that perfect home and get you moved in!

Picking a Neighborhood

Choosing the perfect neighborhood! Kim Woehl – Keller Williams Premier Realty kwoehl.kwrealty.com 651-214-1459

Your in the market to purchase a home.  I would bet you have thought about what you want in a home such as how many bedrooms, how many baths, do you need an attached garage and if so, how many stalls. I would also bet you have looked into what you can afford and hopefully have spoken to a mortgage company and collected your qualification letter so you are ready once you find that perfect home.

But, have you taken a look at where you wish to live?  What are your needs?  Will you need area parks, close shopping, perhaps you enjoy getting out in the evening and need something close?

Knowing how you like to live is important when choosing the neighborhood.  For example if you have children you might like an area with parks within walking distance and when you are out looking in the area for a home, notice who is out and about.

You will want to consider schools, crime, taxes, and other amenities such as lakes and water near by.   Is there public transportation?  Will my kids have to walk to school or is there a bus system in this area and will that make a difference in my decision?

Once you are pretty sure that you have found that perfect home, consider knocking on a few doors to hear what your potential neighbors have to say about the home, the area, and your other potential neighbors.  You can learn a lot!

If this is the home for you, your Realtor can help you to write up a purchase agreement and hopefully your offer will be accepted.  As a licensed Realtor I would love to help in your home search.  I want to be your Realtor. You picked your dentist, hairstylist, and favorite restaurant .   Pick me as YOUR Realtor.

Kim Woehl – Keller Williams Premier Realty



Forest Lake Minnesota! It’s a Great Day!

So I met with my clients this morning at about ten minutes to 8 to sign some final paperwork.  What a beautiful sunny day!  I drove immediately to the Forest Lake office of Keller Williams to send the paperwork to the listing agent.  Looks like today is going to be another amazing day!  We are one step closer to closing this deal.  As I pulled into the lot I thought how wonderful it is that I am able to be out and about on this beautiful day!

Kim Woehl - Keller Williams Premier Realty - 651-214-1459

Lakeside Park – Forest Lake, Minnesota

Once submitting the final paperwork it was off to Vadnais Heights for our weekly team meeting.  We received some amazing news!  We will be gaining even more ways to market our listings to potential home buyers.

92% of home buyers currently use the internet to begin their next home search.  At Keller Williams we not only use the MLS (multiple listing service), but we also have websites that bring buyers to our sites.  We have home tours via video that give you a feel of the home before you ever step foot over the threshold.  Your home will be featured on You Tube via our Keller Williams Exclusive channel.  You will find your home on Trulia, Zillow, and Homes.com as a few.  You can take a free cruise on my website and do your own searches now.  Click this link.  http://kwoehl.kwrealty.com/

Why list your home the old fashioned way when you can list with me!  Your Keller Williams Premier Real Estate Professional.   Let me put your home in lights and get it sold pronto!  Looking to buy a home?  I promise to work hard for you no matter if you are buying or selling a home.  Call me and let me work for you!

Kim Woehl - Keller Williams Premier Realty 651-214-1459 http://kwoehl.kwrealty.com/

Keller Williams Vadnais Heights Office – Our other home base