Home Seller Tips

scroll1. Be mindful that you chose to sell your home. This can be an emotional roller coaster between selling a home that is filled with memories, to packing, to wonderment about the next place you will call home. Remember that a buyer is looking for any imperfections to share with you in a price war. It is always good to take your emotions and focus instead of the asking price and if the buyers demands are agreeable. It doesn’t matter if you heard that they hate your paint choice or they feel your living room is cluttered. Remember they are making an offer and you do wish to move.

2. Listen to your selling agent – They have been doing this a long time and know what sells and in what price range. You can list your home for whatever you want, however your agent can show you what price it is likely to sell in. Be open to any showing requests If potential buyers cannot get into your home, it cannot be sold. If they they tell you to downsize until the move, listen. Cluttered homes are hard for buyers to picture themselves in and often clutter makes the home look smaller.

3. Be realistic. When an offer comes in, again step away from emotions and really look at the offer. Sometimes a lower offer is actually a better offer than a higher one due to details on the buyers side. Sometimes a closing date is most important. Sometimes just moving is the highest goal. If you remain open minded as each offer comes in you will be at a good place to consider if this is a good offer. If you are not getting offers, listen carefully to your agent as well as any comments from home showings. Take these comments too heart. If they share its over market, consider a price change. If they all think that bright orange living room is hard to look at, consider buying a gallon of paint and go neutral. Focus on the small things. Dust cold air returns, wash light switches, add a fresh new rug, a few towels, perhaps a bedspread. These little tasteful changes can make someone wish to move in.

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Wyoming Housing Market June 2015

house with handsConsidering selling or buying a home in Wyoming MN? Check out the newest market report.

Click to access Wyoming.pdf

A few highlights are:
– The average sales price is $229,813
– Cost per square foot is up 5.6% at $112.00
– Days on market before sale is currently at 81 days

As a real estate professional I am always looking for buyers and sellers who are interested in working with an agent who is knowledgeable, and understands the current market. Let me show you what your current home will likely sell for. If you are looking to buy a home, let me listen to your needs and help you to find the perfect home. Whether you are a first time home buyer or you have been a home owner there is always more to learn about the process. No one likes surprises. Work with a team that supports you in all ways real estate.

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Spring Cleaning or Something Else? You make the list and decide!

Toss, Donate, Sell – Having Baskets makes it easy to separate and move onto the next item!

Have you finished your spring cleaning yet?  My to do list continues to grow and I honestly am not sure I can clump all of the tasks into spring cleaning anymore.

I am a list maker.  I choose to go room to room preparing a list of items or tasks that must be done.  I do not care about order terribly although I find the items on the top of the list is those items that really needed addressing.  (I get frustrated too when other members of the family do not prioritize the way I do).  I am pretty sure this is where they came up with that phrase, “If you want it done right, do it yourself.”

I use a tip I read about years ago where you have 3 laundry baskets or 3 areas if you have larger items and as you go about your to do list categorize items into Toss, Donate, and Things to Sell. (remember if you toss it its gone, if you donate it, its gone, if you choose to sell it you might have to hang onto it for awhile or risk no one else wanting it).  This thought often helps me get the item into the appropriate toss or donate pile from the get go.

Once the decluttering is complete go at each room one at a time and address some of those larger tasks such as carpet cleaning and painting.  You don’t have to be an expert in all areas either.  You might find that hiring someone to do some of the service related tasks can save time and frustration in the long run.  Can I order those window cleaners now?  Check out a prior post on window cleaning at: https://midwestliving.wordpress.com/2012/01/13/window-washing-101-hire-a-professional/

Once you tackle that indoor to do list take some time to clean the garage and to work in the yard.  Some new mulch and a bit of trimming will do wonders for that curb appeal and will have everyone in the neighborhood wanting their yards to look this nice too!

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Common Home Defects – Ask the Realtor – Roofing


So you notice that rusty looking ring on your ceiling.  The first tell tail sign that there is  a problem with your roof, or is it?  Roof issues don’t wait, at least not for very long.  Its better to keep up on basic maintenance than to notice an issue from the inside of your home.

So what to do!

Homeowners can do a quick inspection annually.  Is the flashing in place?  Wind can sometimes loosen the flashing (the aluminum pieces around chimney’s, air vents, and valleys).  Make sure that it is still affixed so that water cannot run behind or underneath.

Regular fiberglass shingles will lose the granules over time and some of this is normal as the roof ages.  When you begin to see more of the asphalt it may be time to have a roofer inspect your roof and see if its time to be replaced.

Look for storm damage.  Shingles that are missing, curled or pulled up can let water in underneath.  Are there spots of missing granules in spotty patterns (possible hail damage).

If in doubt, have it checked out.  It is cheaper to replace a roof than it is to fix and correct water damage.  It is also important to keep a good roof on a house as once you have water damage this is something you must disclose when you wish to sell and a home with no prior concerns is going to be selected over one that has been damaged by water creating a possible mold issue as well as insulating, and rot.

Severe shrinkage and weathering of asphalt shi...

Severe shrinkage and weathering of asphalt shingles due to age and gradual washing away of the thick petroleum coating. Eventually the paper shrinks so much that entire flaps begin to tear away, exposing the roofing nails under the flaps. Once the nail heads are exposed, water running down the roof can seep around the nail into the interior space, leading to roof rot and ceiling damage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Spring Cleaning Tip – Removing Carpet Dents!

So you want to rearrange your room, but when you move those pieces of furniture you are left with those ugly dents and divots left from the heavy furniture and time.  Did you know that there is an easy way to remove these?  Simply place ice cubes in the dip or around its valley if it is a long dent.  Wait until the ice cube melts then pick up the excess water and use a spoon to gently lift the carpet fibers back to their original beauty.
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Common Home Defects – Ask the Realtor

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With Spring nearly here this is a great time to discuss water penetration concerns in a home.  Water moving through your pipes, down a drain and out of the house is the only water you really want to see in your home.  This said, this is a prime time of year to find water in your basement.

There are 5 main areas that you should consider when looking for the source of a wet basement.

  • Grade of Yard
  • Grade at Foundation
  • Landscaping
  • Gutters, downspouts and extensions
  • Hard Surfaces

Take a look at your yard – does it appear the home is higher than the surrounding land?  If not you may need to create a swale so that water is drawn into a channel and moved away from your home instead of being allowed to sit and soak into the soil near the home.

Look at the grade near the foundation.  Soil needs to be higher than surrounding yard so that water immediately moves away from the home.  A good guide is a 1 inch slope per 5-6 feet away from the house.

Landscaping is a common culprit.  Lawn edging sometimes pushes up with frost creating a pocket where when water comes it is actually trapped and cannot move out and away from the home.  It can create a moat of sorts around the home actually holding and allowing water to seep into the blockwork.  Get out there and make sure all edging is mounted low enough so that it will not retain water near the home.

Gutters can be a good thing when working and complete.  They push water down a channel and away from the home.  The problem comes when the gutters get filled with debris and no longer work or when the extensions have been removed for winter or perhaps to mow around and then we forget to get these back on.  What happens next is that water might flow into those landscape areas mentioned above and now you have effectively created that moat again.

The last thing that must be considered is the hard surfaces you have outdoors, patios, stoops, and driveways.  These all need to direct and pull water away from the home.  Often times these settle causing water to actually move toward the home instead of away.  Mud or sand jacking can be a reasonable fix for this problem versus replacement and the results are effective.

When you do have water coming in, don’t assume since it is coming in the east side of the house that the water problem is coming from that area.  Block work is hollow and therefore can allow water to move along the full structure, so instead look for potential concerns and address each one until water is no longer coming in.  Block work can and does absorb lots of water so it is important to find the source and correct it.  Water in a basement can create mold issues and can cause block damage.  Both of these will make your home a risk for any potential buyer.

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