Window Washing 101 – Hire a Professional?

So you look out your windows and what do you see?  Do you notice what is on the outside or are you stuck looking at finger prints, pet nose marks, and the general dirt and dust that builds up on the glass over time?

Do you look at all of the windows in the same light?  ha ha.  What I mean is do you handle low windows the same as high ones?  Are you an inside only washer or do you tackle the outside as well?  Are you left with streaks that no matter what you try you just can’t seem to remove?

If you are looking for great advice you are not going to find it as while I have tried many things, I am still not good at window washing.  I find it tedious and frustrating when the next time the sun shines in that I still have those streaks!

I have been told that you have to be prepared.  Gather cleaner, clean towels that have not been in softner agents.  I have been told old newsprint works good.  Paper towels are great too, but I have wasting another tree.  I have bought a squeegee, a step ladder, I try to have everything near, I have tried washing them when the sun is not shining on them warming the glass drying the streaks on.  Nothing seems to work for me.  Oh and always have a razor blade to scrape off any paint, bugs, bird ____.  Well you get the point.

I guess this has turned into a blog post of what not to do.  I am counting on each of you to share with me what really works.

I have the type of windows that tip in for easy cleaning.  That is supposed to make it easier.  Not so sure its easy but I would love to hear any tips that you successful window washers might have to share with me.  Why?  Because I love looking out and seeing the brilliant outdoor colors.

Help me please!

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What Home Buyers Want to Know – Ask Forest Lake Realtor!

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I will Find Your Perfect Home!

So I have scheduled a showing and a family wants to see your home.  This is good news.  This is important news.  We arrive at your front door and they are excited to see the home.  They want to see the layout, the kitchen, bedrooms and yard.  If they like what they see they soon come to a few questions for me.  Some of which I don’t know or cannot disclose.

They might ask why the seller is selling which I generally do not know.  Sometimes they want to know why its so reasonable or so expensive depending on what we have already seen.

Other times they ask important questions that I can answer such as how is the neighborhood or what schools are near by.  They might want to know more about the house such as is there natural gas on the street in case I wish to convert?  How much were the taxes last year? What is included in the sale price such as does this water softener come with the home?

They almost always want to know how many days the home has been on the market and this can drive that asking price down which is why pricing it correctly at market is so very important.

As an agent who works for you, I will do my best as a buyer or seller to know these answers or will find out very quickly for you and get a return call to you.  If your agent isn’t working for you, maybe its time for a move.

Call me – Kim Woehl – Keller Williams Premier Realty – 651 214 1459  My home office is in the Forest Lake Minnesota Area.  See what makes this area the place to live.

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Housing is the most Affordable it has been in decades. Now is the time to move into the North Metro!

Hundley-Cannady House, Oxford

Image by Universal Pops (getting back into it) via Flickr

As a Keller Williams realtor I have watched the market move from sellers market to a buyers market.  Homeowners have often refinanced and used up their equity on home improvements, vacations, or fancy cars and are now looking at current home values and are feeling they have been cheated.  The fact is that the money was there and has just been spent.  Some of us have chosen to hold onto that equity and are now seeing current market value and are frustrated by the difference between a few short months and today.

The facts are that we are being told that the housing crash may be over.   Employment is looking better and key industries are reporting growth again.   These are indeed signs that the recession is over and that we might expect homes to begin to sell again.  That said, now is the best time to purchase that home no matter if you are a first time home buyer, your looking for a larger home, or perhaps you are interested in investing.

The mortgage rates continue to be at all time lows making this the perfect time to buy.  Some of you are worried about taking that loss on your current home, but if you are planning on moving to a larger home, its still a win, win for you.  Now might be the best time to see what kind of loan you could qualify for and what amount you would qualify for.  With a qualification letter from a lender we can begin seeking that perfect piece of real estate.  The American Dream of Home Ownership still lives within most of us.

For more information about the Forest Lake area Real Estate Market please contact Kim Woehl – Keller Williams Premier Realty at 651-214-1459.  To search for homes for free via the MLS (multiple listing service) please log into my website! Today might be the perfect time to get a current market value for your home, or to begin the process of finding a new place to call home.